PUBG Mobile guide Drag the Gun – Shocked! “PUBG Mobile” HK416 has come a long way

In fact, HK416 was originally called HKM4. It was a German Heckler-Koch gun-manufacturing company that redesigned the M4 carbine by adopting the pneumatic system of HK G36 assault rifle. Cheng Cheng, but because Colt (known as the firearm inventor and gunsmith) owns the trademark of the M4 series of carbines, in order to avoid infringement, he changed the name of HKM4 to “416”. Initial sales in the market were not optimistic. However, until one year later, the U.S. armed forces had shot the guns. “Terrorist” “Banden” and “Laiden”, HK416 has been hanging all the way, selling in many countries, and now we can also see HK416 in the game. The majestic British hair, the old drivers quickly get on the train, ready to start the car!

PUBG Mobile: Stimulate the battlefield’s HK416

Speaking of HK416, you may never find such a reliable weapon again. Not only is it easy to pick up in the game, it also has extremely stable, stable and stable features! (You’re teasing me? Repeat again!)

In addition, the HK416 has the advantages of high shooting speed, high precision, etc. The small recoil and the greater ability to expand the accessories make this gun exceptionally easy to use, whether it is a shot or a gunshot, it can easily control! Mom no longer has to worry that I can’t beat anyone!

In reality HK416

In reality, the HK416 is one of the more common rifles, and it is also a favorite for many gun lovers. Its caliber is 5.56 mm, and it can change different ammunition according to the operational environment. The projectile has a capacity of 30 rounds. It can fire 900 rounds per minute. The new buffer device improves the reliability and safety of the weapon and improves the new firing. Institutions, location of speed and so on.

Then the question comes The HK416 is so powerful. Is there any drawback? Yes! Due to its small diameter, it is suitable for 5.56mm bullets, so its power is obviously insufficient. In addition, its advantages need to be fully played out. There is no accessory HK416 and full match HK416 is 2 guns! Therefore, if you find this gun in the game, you must start looking for its accessories.

HK416 is selected on accessories Muzzle compensator, to reduce the recoil of the HK416 in rectilinear direction or reduce the vertical recoil, you can also use the rifle flame arrester to eliminate the muzzle flame, so that when you shoot it is not easy to be found by the enemy, of course, you can also use the muffler to reduce The volume of the weapon increases the concealment effect.

In the scope of sight, you can select the red dot or hologram, which can be used for the middle and short distances and the gun can be used slightly. 4x, it is not recommended to use the 8x lens to hit a very long enemy, because it is too far beyond its range.

Finally, I want to tell you one. Little secret, HK416 this firearms is very suitable for the war-fighting “LYB”, especially after the finals, full match HK416 is simply rolling other weapons, after all, this gun was hitA fighter who has passed the number one terrorist! The premise is that you can see people and you can be accurate in seconds.