PUBG Mobile guide Pull Gun – How strong is “PUBG Mobile” Kar 98k?

When it comes to sniper rifles, the first thing that comes to mind is Kar 98k. The super-ultra-high shooting range coupled with the high explosive power makes this gun extremely useful in the game. Almost a defensive player’s decisive choice, but due to the high accuracy of the marksmanship and extremely unfriendly to the new sprout, it also makes this gun pass off by many novice players, after all, compared to a simple charge and rifle, Kar 98k The difficulty is too high, and the rifle with high magnification can also be used as a half burst. But this does not mean that Kar 98k is not strong. On the contrary, once the gun is mastered, it will bring you important help beyond imagination.

Kar 98k in the game is characterized by slower shooting speed, but with extremely high damage and strong stability. As long as you aim at a fixed enemy, you can basically hit it.

The concealment is weaker and weaker. If it is not hit, it is easy for the enemy to grope for himself through gunfire. The position, so if you do not hit the enemy, you need to change the position immediately to avoid being killed by the enemy.

Its trajectory is relatively straight. As long as it is not a long distance, it can be directly aimed at killing, as long as it is not a three-level head. Can be spiked.

The Kar 98k is a fixed target of long-range distance in positioning, and can only be relegated to mobile units and super-distance units. Now. As for firepower suppression is not realistic, but it can play a very strong deterrent effect. If there is no three-level head on the opposite side, we would not dare to talk to you.

In a single row, only if it is ensured that a shot can be shot, if it is not sure of a shot , so try not to shoot, avoid exposing your position. However, in the case of a multiplayer team, it can be used as a cover and deterrent, and the enemy can be fired without any problems. The sniper slams the enemy in the rear, and several charge teammates in front of him are responsible for squeezing out the position of the enemy. With such cooperation, the enemy team can be easily reduced.

The role of the gun in the former mid-term is far greater than the latter, but as the dwarfs shrink, the scope of use of the sniper rifle is gradually reduced, especially in the final few final rounds will not be cut out. If you are touched close, then it will be difficult to counterattack ability, and in the later period almost everyone will remain in place, there is little chance of shooting, so at this time can be recommended for changing to a long-range rifle with a basic mirror, In this way, more unexpected situations can be dealt with in a very narrow final round.


in “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” After reading the introduction of Kar 98k, it is Not a kind of feeling? It doesn’t matter if the level of sniper is bad. You must start from the beginning. As long as you are willing to take care of it, then this gun will become your own homicide gun, and it will take you easily to win the game.