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The S686 is arguably the most powerful shotgun in the game. In the existing shotguns, it has the shortest shooting interval, but only two rounds of magazine capacity. If you can’t be sure to hit your opponent, it’s very likely that you will be eliminated. In case of obstacles, the S686’s bullets are easily resisted. In the case of close distances and fewer obstacles around the area, it will be easy to kill the opponent with full damage, as long as it is appropriate. The first strike can easily kill opponents.

PUBG Mobile: Stimulus in the battlefield “S686

The prototype of the S686 in reality is the Beretta 686, which is Italian Bo Made by Leita, Beretta is one of the oldest manufacturers of gun manufacturing in the world. The company’s logo symbolizes: Easy sighting, ballistic flatness, and hitting targets. Its production of S686 belongs to double-barrel shotguns. The gun adopts the principle of filling in a folded breech. It can only fill and fire two rounds of shotguns at a time, and it must be manually opened after firing to manually retreat and load the cartridges, although the operation is bothersome and time-consuming. Longer, but this structure of firearms is very durable.

S686 is also in the game Many players’ life-long enemies, many people are trying hard to kill their opponents, and they are preparing to go forward with a wave of bags. The accident happened. He pulled a LYB from an unknown corner. He was holding a S686 and directed at you. Two bursts, the screen can not help but suffocate, but the gun is too unreasonable!

Although the output of the S686 is very exaggerated and it can be said to be an artifact within a range of 10 meters, it is almost impossible for you to use two shots. The person who turned over, but it also had a fatal flaw. It was the pitiful amount of bullets. Two rounds of shotguns did not hit the target or kill the target. It was too late to cut the gun and was killed by the target. That kind of sunset red. The feeling is just like being in hell.

S686 may be in the game The installation of two accessories, namely the choke coil (shotgun beam catcher) and the bullet bag, the choke coil will reduce the bullet proliferation by 18.2%, which will make the range wider, and the bullet bag will reduce the speed of the bullets by 30%. Fully equipped with the S686 can be said to be quite scary, but the shotgun in the game alone is not very large in terms of power and range, but the shooting mode is indeed a very large flaw. The S686 is a double-barreled shotgun. Two shotguns can be fired in an instant. In the case of a full bullet, whether it is a three-level helmet or a three-level armor, the target will be unable to escape the fate of being killed. In addition, it has a unique super. Strong power, but if you fired two shots but did not stumble on the enemy, then it could only be counter-killed by the target.

S686 In-game The popularity is still quite high, throwing away the shortcomings of unsustainable output, the output of its instant eruption is terribly horrible, and it is not known how many experts hate it under the gun, but due to its low fault tolerance rate, new players should ensure that In the case of hitting the target, choose to take it out to make a fatal blow to the enemy.