PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile Pearl! Its power you can not imagine

Airdrops are one of the ways to obtain various rare and advanced items. When it appears, it will surely lead to a bloody storm. Many players are on the road to steal airdrops. It can be said to be further and further away. After all, it is the existence of special equipment for airdrops! The temptation of that rare item to players is undoubtedly fatal. High risk also means high returns. Among the many powerful weapons in the airdropping box, there is a very hard firearm. It has received a lot of players. Our Tucao, that is our scandals ——M249.

Why do you have large pineapple? What is the M249? This will be the day we talked about

That day was a double row of passionate friends with Geely, and it was tempting to grab a sporty motorcycle. To an airdrop, when I helped him look at the wind, he suddenly said: “M249 play does not play? This gun is so hot I don’t play.

I am still wondering why M249 is not good. I liked the gun quite a bit, but the reply of the base friend made me ashamed;

“M249 except for the sweep Can you use it?

Just because it does not use M249 to say that it is a hot chicken, is our M249 grievous enough? ! I can’t help but fan him for M249.

Picking up and being disgusted After the big pineapple, I and Jiyou started a crazy output trip. I could use it alone to sweep out the brigades of a brigade. It was not only a sweeping vehicle, but it was a horrible thing to cover 100 rounds of bullets when the teammates came forward. Raise the opposite side of the ground and shoot the pressure, and ask you not afraid? At this time, the basic friend seems to have a little regret, the atmosphere has become very embarrassing, although in the end did not get the first, but that terrible firepower suppression to base friends completely changed his view of M249.

However, most of the opinions of the people around him on M249 are Tucao, what is the trashiest firearm in the airdrop box? What did not come out in addition to sweeping farts, and I as a M249 diehard powder, had to stand up and say a few words!

First, although our M249 can only use the sights, but it has 100 rounds of ammunition! 100 send to know what the concept is? You stand facing the opposite crazy output, they do not even dare to lift the concept!

Then talk about the most recoiled recoil, big brother! People are machine guns! There is no single-mode automatic machine gun! Can you recoil without standing after you stand? Even if you recoil, you can’t you get rid of the yin? Then think about it. People can get it in an airdrop. They must wear a Geely service. The opponent cannot really know how to die. What is it? Brothers, why do you ask? Didn’t you know that it can automatically extend its legs under the arm, and the recoil is so poor?

Maybe some brothers are still I don’t know, the M249 can even be used with high-powered lenses. Then it’s how cool it is to hit people in high places. This may be a sniper rifle with continuous firing. Its range and bullet speed are sufficient for long distance output. You cannot Imagine the kind of 800 milesI think everybody should enjoy playing hard. I think M249 is so enjoyable. Even if you are a complete newcomer, it’s not too light to follow a teammate to block a bridge and sweep a car. Easy to complete tasks?