PUBG Mobile guide novice can also ride the desert, the new map gun recommended

Finally ! The desert map of “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus” was launched. In this brand-new map, we used to “defeat islands” and fight jungle warfare. The idea began to seem impracticable. In this complex terrain, sparse cover, valleys, ravines and desert maps, the role of some firearms has also changed, so novice gamers how to choose their own suitable firearms it?

Desert maps Compared to the vegetation of island maps, the larger feature is the less shelters and the relative topography. Open, whether it is a gully, or on top of the mountains, at first glance is a bare desert. Therefore, to a greater extent, it will increase the tactical difficulty. However, for players who like steel guns and guns, the remote pull bolt sniper rifle is bound to become a hot choice. However, it must be known that for single-handed players, single-action sniper rifles such as 98K and AWM are too difficult to operate. If they have not yet mastered these firearm techniques, they will be counterproductive.

Fully automatic rifle recommendation


AKM’s high recoil is destined to be on the list of mainstream assault rifles. However, its powerful single shot damage is unmatched by the general automatic rifle. Although the stability of continuous shooting is poor, but we can use its single shooting damage and then with high magnification, the power of long-range shooting is not to be underestimated, like a brand new AKM “” sniper rifle “”.


The heat of the M16A4 is basically the same as that of the AKM. Both belong to the small firearms, and generally do not have the firearms. Used as a main weapon. The main reason is due to its shooting mode. The M16A4, which does not have a fully automatic shooting mode, cannot be compared with the mainstream automatic assault rifle. But to know that the main properties of the M16A4 gun is terribly high, the first is the high rate of fire, followed by shooting distance, the most important thing is the stability of the rifle. Use the M16A4 with a high magnification lens to use three bursts of fire in response to a medium-range distance, and switch to single-shot mode for a long-range target. Shooting accuracy is comparable to a sniper rifle. The most important thing is that it is easy to get and it has a high chance of being brushed out.

Sniper Rifle Recommendation



The Mini14 is a firearm with a high overall quality in a continuous sniper rifle. First, the stability is good, and the second is not dependent on the accessories. Because the stability is high, as long as the ammunition magnification is sufficient, it can be started. Combat. The only disadvantage is that its power is lower than most of the sniper rifles, but with the advantage of high stability and small recoil, the shooting speed can be controlled and the damage can be compensated to a greater degree.


SKS belongs to the more powerful sniper rifle Sniper rifles, high damage, the most important is its powerful continuous shooting ability. Of course, because the back seat of the firearm is relatively large, it is a test of the player’s pressure gun skills. In the case of full fittings, the stability of the firearms will be enhanced and the firing rate is consistent with MIni14.

If it is difficult to use a sniper rifle, we can choose the above AKM and M16A4. Instead of “sniper rifle” single shot by single point shooting. If the accuracy of their own shooting is not enough, then you can choose to fire a sniper rifle. If you can’t hit two hits, you can make up for the lack of shooting accuracy. You can also easily experience the thrill of remote sniper. This is the best of both worlds!