PUBG Mobile guide Scanning sniper rifle, VSS firearm scope application

The sniper rifle is one of the killers in the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield.” In many sniper rifles, firearms favored by players are often there. And today we are talking about this firearm is one of the less popular ——VSS sniper rifle ! Presumably Many friends are not particularly aware of it. Let’s take a look at it !

Firearm Background

In game VSS sniper rifle prototype for the Russian special sniper rifle, also known as “thread cutting machine”. Developed by the former Soviet Union, it is a flame-free close-range sniper rifle. Although it is silenced and decelerated, its bullets can still effectively penetrate through the “Kevlar bulletproof vest” and the sniper rifle is necessary. Can shoot fully automatic.

Analysis of Firearms

The VSS shot sound is extremely small, and the gun is hardly fired at the time of shooting, and the concealment effect is excellent. Firearms can be equipped with only a few accessories, only the clip and the butt.

Clip support: sniper rifle fast clip, sniper rifle expansion clip, sniper rifle rapid expansion clip

buttstock support: pallets

Bullet models: 9mm

Single damage: 38

Magazine capacity: 10 rounds, 20 rounds of expansion

Shooting mode: single shot, full Automatically

VSS firearms are brushed from various resource points, but the chance of acquisition is General . Although the single shot damage is the lowest in the sniper rifle and it is not comparable to the mainstream rifle, it has the fully automatic mode and its speed is second only to the MK14 sniper rifle in the fully automatic mode. When faced with medium-to-medium range targets, the open-frame shot suppression effect in the fully automatic mode is superior. In addition, the capacity of the VSS magazine is low, and the bullet will be shot quickly in the fully automatic mode. Therefore, the automatic shooting advantage of the gun is more dependent on the expansion clip.

Actual use

The most advantage of VSS is its own sighting device. Of course, the key to using the firearm is also the sighting part. The VSS sighting device is different from the refitting sighting device and comes with a highly accurate distance measuring mark. According to the test, red triangle aiming shot can be directly used within one hundred meters. The goal is to use a second triangle from top to bottom for shooting at 200 meters, and a third triangle to aim at 300 meters. Of course, this is inextricably linked with the slow speed of the VSS bullet to slow down the bullet, and it also requires a lot of players experience. The other is how to measure the enemy’s distance from itself?

There is a row of scales below the VSS sight, how do you understand it? The 1.7 and 1.0 on the scale correspond to the 1.7 meters and 1 meter targets for a distance of 100 meters. The character’s default height in the game is 1.7 meters, so if the target is greater than or equal to 1.7 scale, then you can determine the target is within 100 meters, you can use the red triangle to aim directly at the target. If is less than the first scale and is equal to the second scale, the target should be within two hundred meters. It is necessary to use the second triangle to target the target according to the situation, and so on.

The VSS shooter is slow to fly and can be seen very clearly at the time of firing. Flight path. Therefore, when shooting a target, it is necessary to consider whether it is necessary to advance the gun. Especially in the face of moving targets, because the sighting target is basically unable to hit the target. So if you want to get started with this firearm, you need a certain amount of pre-judgment firing.

VSS comes with silencer and sight, in a specific situation can be extremely effective threat to stationary targets, and excellent concealment effect is not easy to be found, it is recommended for players prefer to covert shooting, volleying ground preferred oh!