PUBG Mobile guide Swordsman Close-up Steel Gun, Thompson Submachine Gun Interpretation

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield,” I believe that the most widely known firearms are rifles, but for other firearms such as assault rifles , regardless of performance Basic attributes, questions are more . Today we have to say that one of the guns is " Thomson ”, a sweeping and powerful submachine gun.

Firearms prototype

Thompson submachine gun named after the proposed submachine gun & ldquo; terminology ” General U.S. Thomson, and in fact Thompson submachine gun was designed by American designer & rdquo; Design. During the early period of World War II, “Thomson” started exporting submachine guns. According to information, only “automatic munitions” produced 200,000 units during World War II, also Suffice to see & Thomson’s popularity.

Anatomy of a Firearm

The Thompson submachine gun has a comparatively 123> Excellent property, fast shooting speed, high stability, and Enhance gun properties through accessories. The of is not able to install sights. Supported accessories are: muzzle, grip, clip.

Muzzle Support: Submachine Gun Muffler

Grip support: Vertical grip

Magazine Support: Submachine Gun Quick Magazine, Submachine Gun Expansion Magazine, Submachine Gun Quick Expansion Magazine Clip

Bullet Model Number: 45mm

Loaded ammunition: 30 rounds, expands 50 rounds

Single damage amount: 38

Shooting mode: Single shot, fully automatic

Thompson submachine gun submachine gun with a single bullet in the highest amount of damage. Shooting speed is at the upper level, lower than UZI submachine gun, but higher than the mainstream UMP9 submachine gun. Compared with other assault rifles, the biggest advantage of Thompson submachine guns is that their single bullets have a higher amount of damage, and with their impressive firing rate and stability, both close combat and assault rifles are not much to give. In addition, although muzzles and grips can be fitted, different accessories cannot be selected according to their preferences, since their muzzles and grips can only be equipped with mufflers and vertical grips.

Actual use

Thomson’s default load is 30 rounds. However, after the expansion, the amount of charge can be directly increased to 50 rounds. In the case of complete accessories, the excellent single-shot damage plus ultra-high magazine capacity has resulted in Thomson’s unparalleled advantage in continuous operations and explosive output. In the face of medium and short-range targets, they can use their own mechanical sighting to improve their shooting accuracy. In addition, because the firearms themselves have good stability, the rear seats can control the rear seats with high controllability. As long as the players use them properly, the initial room warfare can be called. One tyrant.

However, the deficiency is also obvious. Compared with other firearms, the biggest disadvantage of Thompson submachine guns is the inability to install sights. And the muzzle and grip parts can only be installed one kind, so in actual combat, in addition to the grip

, can not get higher property promotion through the muzzle accessories, and as a The role of the close combat firearms and silencers also cannot be used to their full potential and are optional accessories. The effect of being unable to install the sighting device is to limit the ability of the long-distance combat.

It is important to note that in the case of close combat, Thomson is capable of sustaining firepower in an extended period of time with the addition of an expansion clip. Suppression of the ultimate enemy of combat, the direct use of fire in the actual combat. Because machine vision has the disadvantage of obstructing the field of vision, it is not recommended to perform burst shooting.

Thomson’s role is mainly Shown in the early game room area operations, mastered the use of skills, complete accessories, with the opponent steel guns, even if it is the face of opponents use rifles are not much to let more. In the later stages of the game, firearms do not have long-range combat capability and it is recommended to replace them with rifles. In general, it is a relatively strong submachine gun in transitional weapons.