PUBG Mobile guide Novice seconds into a god? Mini14 sniper rifle introduction

When it comes to sniper rifles in “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield,” many novice players have been discouraged. The biggest problem for newbies is the pull-type sniper rifle like the Kar98K. Faced with SKS, this serial sniper rifle was also difficult to control because of the back seat problem. But there is a gun that is almost perfect to circumvent the above two problems. Let’s take a look at the easiest sniper rifle in the game.—Mini14!


Firearm Analysis


The Mini14 itself has excellent basic properties and does not have much support for accessories. Therefore, the firearms can be formed extremely quickly in and .

Mini14 accessories support: muzzle, magazine clip, sighting device

Muzzle accessories: sniper rifle compensator, sniper rifle fire suppressor, sniper rifle muffler

Clip Accessories: Quick Magazine, Expansion Magazine, and Quick Expansion Magazine

Sighting support: red dot (holographic), double lens, quadruple lens. Eightfold Mirror

Bullet: 5.56mm

Clip capacity: 20 rounds, 30 rounds

Shooting mode: Single shot

Accessories Aspects that mainly affect the attributes are mainly muzzles and magnifications. It is recommended that the muffler, secondary compensation, and finally If you can’t find the muzzle, then install a flame arrester. Of course, in the case of close range, the assembly silencing effect is not significant, and the reason why the preferred silence is that it can easily conceal itself in the long-range distance, making it difficult for opponents to find their own position. Therefore, the best enemy strategy to get silencer with Mini14 is to open a black gun in the distance.

The sights are recommended four times and eight times each. In medium-range and close combat, a quadruple-field view allows your front sight to easily follow the enemy’s target with no pressure, while an eight-fold target is mainly for remote enemies. Switch between two shots.

Mini14 has a higher chance of obtaining . Generally, several resources can be encountered in advanced resources. The shooting method is single shot, but it can be shot continuously without closing the shot, similar to the shooting mode of the rifle. However, compared with the rifle, the Mini 14 has a longer range, and the muzzle at the back of the gun is smaller. With the high magnification lens, the Mini 14 has far better long-range strike capability than the rifle.

Compared with the current mainstream sniper rifle, the only drawback of the sniper rifle Mini14 is that the power is actually overpowered. Small, similar to rifle M416. However, because of the small back seat, the Mini14 shot back quickly and it was even faster than the automatic rifle’s return speed, so shooting can be performed at extremely high frequencies. Continuous firing . Therefore, even if Mini14 is less powerful, we can use “Quantity” to gain advantages.

Without high-powered lenses, The Mini14 is equipped with a red dot, hologram, or double lens that can produce good results in the room and close combat. However, because it is only a shot, does not have a fully automatic mode, and must pay attention to their own card position with the opponent’s steel gun.

The Mini is not a special accessory, even if it is not a gun seat of. Although the power is similar to a normal rifle, the range of the Mini is comparable to that of a non-rifle. As a sniper rifle with continuous shooting ability, the Mini also has a strong suppressive ability against moving enemies. Especially for the target of running poison! If you like the firearm , then may wish to try the poisonous side, I believe Mini14 will certainly bring you not The same shooting experience.

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