PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” High-speed injury-free? On the Importance of Vehicle Skills

“PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” has a variety of gameplay, mastery of mastery can really become a big God-level player, in many games, gun battle is the most direct and the most important means of victory, improve their awareness, It is a means that can help the inquisition reach a new height indirectly. At the same time, it can also be used as a life-saving method indirectly. The importance is second only to these two kinds of gameplay. For me personally, I think it is a vehicle system.

The earliest contact with the game was to understand it as a gun battle game. But unlike the gunfighting game, the game has more room to play. I was also attracted by this novel style of play. In addition, my friend Amway was crazy and eventually he was pulled into the pit. Novice and newbies In the same way, the start of the fall falls on the map center, for fear of poisoning, so the vehicle is not particularly aware of it. Until one day, I learned how to play the Great God and went to the top of the hill to be Voldemort, and I was strong. Under the marksmanship, successfully killing the three enemies in the plains far away, I was complacent and thought that when I had mastered the whole situation, the last enemy on the plains drove toward me in a car and I immediately rushed out. The rifle fired at him, and the enemy actually used a car to put a set of snakeskin to take the position so that my bullets couldn’t hurt the enemy in the driving position. As a newcomer who had never seen a big scene, he suffered such a blow. Make me very Shocked, as the enemy’s car came to the top of the mountain, I was also directly hit by the cliff.

I believe that more than one person I have ever seen, I even saw many great gods when I started to browse more videos. It was seen in the roll-up collections. How can we master these vehicles that are so frightening for the gods?

It’s time for a positive As a best way to run poisons and hurries, killing people is particularly easy, but there are certainly not a few players who roll over. As the saying goes, the car skills are good, the show is bad, so we’ll talk now. Improve the mechanics of the car and improve its effectiveness.

This expression is reflected in the driving skill. In many ways, such as the snake car method above, only a small amount of left and right swing can greatly reduce the enemy’s hit rate (since I learned, there is one more Jedi tumor).

However, it is not only the fact that vehicles can be used to kill talented people. Find the bunker, especially the enemies on the balcony of the house. At this moment, you can use the nearby small slope to fly to the balcony, then quickly get off the car and immediately shoot the enemies in the Debbie state. The operation skill is extremely high. , novice please do not try easily.

Of course, the most outstanding driving skill is no injury and damage when driving at high speed. To complete this operation, shelter must be a must. Yes, at the moment of getting off the train, hitting the wall, stones and trees within a short distance can be harmless. This operation is commonly used in the gods fighting between the gods, fooling the enemies behind the cover, and letting their attention focus on On the faraway car, then you can get him back on the road and don’t show too much.

I believe everyone has a car There are many masters and masters, and even want to bring friends to a game, but the game is best to be steady and steady. In the case of poor equipment, it is not necessary to fight the enemy to fight you to death, so use your snake. It is also a good tactic for the punt to stay away from the enemy.