PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” Although these operations are a bit stupid, they can save your life!

Everyone will encounter some extreme situations in the game. These situations are usually difficult to recover. It is difficult to recover and it does not mean that they cannot be recovered. Therefore, some players are really Invented the solution, but since all said that it is an extreme case, then the solution is definitely based on the probability, and PUBG Mobile players as a perennial presence of the sword, this probability is still worth trying, then the following Bringing you some alternative rescue methods in the game, I believe that one day will help you.

You see The body of my body does not look like

This trick is psychology. It is luck that fights. If you have enemies around you and your resistance is very weak, doing so may help you regain your vitality.

First of all, there must be a box of players around you, and then you just go straight to the box. When the enemy passes by, If he doesn’t have a cockroaches, he’ll be able to walk away. If you still have a few bullets and you have confidence, you can send him a few to send him an IQ tax, but if the bullets are empty Well, I believe you know how he will be abused.

Pretend Line, suddenly jump fist

When you accidentally forget to parachute and you are forcibly dropped by the plane, if you With other people falling down, you can stay still and pretend to be dropped. In this case, there will be some players specifically to kill the line and enjoy the pleasure of landing a hammer with a fist to kill a bunch of people.

So if you want to use this trick to fool the enemy, you can stand quietly after landing to see if there is a landing. Who moves first, and then waits for him to run with confidence. At this time, you fly and hit him. With good luck and direct headshot spikes, after all, we don’t have helmets. If there is a punch, it’s not empty. Just…… died more dignified yet!

If I It’s a DJ. I’ll be slamming

I believe everyone will use snakes to go and reduce the number of enemy bullets. Hit the probability, but it is said to reduce the probability, then there must be a situation where the snake does not work. For example, if you are a big hitter, or you are being beaten by the enemy, etc., and face the situation that seems to have been decided for a long time. You can indulge yourself, jump more, jump more and more. All sorts of eclectic dances are made. Anyway, if you don’t like to show up, you are also a dead end. It’s better to open up your chest to perform a death dance for the enemy, or you may be touched by your cat. Dead rats escaped.

In fact, this trick is a relatively long-range attack that can effectively avoid enemy bullets. Even if the enemy does not laugh, he You will also play an empty clip in your attractive pose. In the close combat, the effect of this trick will be less obvious, and it will even be detrimental to you. After all, you must fight back in melee unless you use it. The spray, otherwise do not behave wildly.

The above rescue methods I believe that you must all know a thing or two, but many people will know if they feel a panic in their critical moments.A lot of tactics are used but they are useless, let alone in the extreme situation, these are not good for the heart of the routine, therefore, to overcome the panic, his routine can be made longer.