PUBG Mobile guide Pull the gun – “PUBG Mobile” in the various types of firearms, which is your favorite?

In the fiercely stimulating game, the most frequently used weapon is a variety of firearms of various styles, and the production team also designed a variety of intimate designs. Firearms, for players to choose in the game, in the 100-player game, if you want to stand out and get the final victory, then having a handy weapon is essential, everyone’s favorite weapons are also different. The game can deal with different situations, and the flexible use of firearms can also achieve a multiplier effect. What kinds of firearms do you favor most in the game?

Assault rifle

The assault rifle has the dual advantages of a rifle and a submachine gun. It can perform a variety of shooting methods, such as burst shooting, automatic shooting, etc. Semi-automatic shooting, they are characterized by a high rate of fire, and more stable, recoil is also more modest, neither exaggerated nor small enough to have no feeling, with the sub-machine gun fierce firepower and the power of rifles, for the near COSCO Distances apply.

In the game, possessing an assault rifle can be said to be “graduation equipment”, especially a full-blown assault. Rifles, it can be said that God is blocking God to block the Buddha, is an ideal weapon for many players to pursue.

Sniper rifle

Sniper rifles are specially selected or designed and manufactured in ordinary rifles. Their design is precise. The high degree of shooting distance, the structure is basically the same as an ordinary rifle, but the barrel has been specially processed with high precision.

When it comes to sniper rifles, one has to mention the favorites of the players in the game ——98K, 98K The degree of fieryness can be said to be one of the highest peaks in the game. It can be said to be the artifact of the mid-range and long-range.

Submachine gun

As the name implies, the submachine gun has the best effect when it comes to battle. It is a weapon between a pistol and a machine gun. The rifle is light, and its ferocious firepower, high firing rate, small recoil, close-range stability is much higher than the rifle, easy to handle close encounters.

In the game, the role of the submachine gun can be extremely exaggerated in the early stage. Although the damage is low, the horrible rate of fire is complete. All can compensate for the flaw.


Shotguns feature multiple shots that can be fired at once. The closer the shots are, the more those shots hit the target. The higher the odds. Once all hits, it will cause uncountable terrorist damage. Therefore, the close combat capabilities of shotguns are terrible. Shooting a shotgun on the face of a shotgun makes it hard to find a way out. But after all, bullets fired by shotguns are spread out. Once they are used to deal with enemies in the middle and long distances, It seems a bit stretched.


Pistols are generally self-defense when they fall to the ground without guns. In the middle and late stages of the game, their presence is gradually obscured by a variety of powerful firearms. Its role may be to use as a runner, after all, holding a pistol running faster than empty hands. And when you talk to a man about a gun and find that the main and sub weapon bullets are all warned, this forgotten pistol will become a great savior, and the savior to change the battle situation is it!

Machine gun, crossbar

In the current game, there is only one machine gun and crossbow, light machine gun M249. The degree of terror is believed to be no longer required. It is a rare weapon that can only be obtained through airdrops. Its power is also very exaggerated, and the recoil after its removal is almost negligible. It is not an exaggeration to call it an enemy machine. .

While the crossbow is not an exclusive prop for airdrops, its power is also considerable, even if the target has a third-class helmet. In the case of an arrow hitting the head, it can also be taken away. It is the only weapon in the game that can deal damage with AWM. However, only one shot can be made at a time, and the arrow speed is extremely slow and practical, unless the high-end LYB is used by the genitals. It also has a very interesting setting, that is, when hitting an enemy, if it is not killed and let it run away, then the arrow hitting the target will always follow the target until the end of the game. The funny situation of running an arrow full of maps everywhere also makes the game more interesting.

Game format gun arms The earth has enriched our game experience. Different firearms can also play a brand new routine in the player’s hands. Radish greens can be said to have their own love. What kind of firearm is your favorite?