PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” Which ones need correct judgment? Have you ever turned the car?

In PUBG Mobile, many gameplays require your judgment to execute. In a crisisy island, every step of yours changes with your thoughts. Success or failure is also due to the change in your choice, but success or failure depends on whether or not you make correct judgments, because not all choices are to help you point to the light, but also to the box and the jealousy, but today What is said is that various moments of good judgment are needed to let you see how the judgment between Daxie and Mengxin is worse than a few grades.

Facing At the time of airdrops

Airdrops are something that we all love to see. Everyone will see the airdrops ready to go, but this time , you are a big brother or a small chicken has been reflected at a glance, because in this case, Daxie’s psychological activity is rational, when taking airdrops, one should pay attention to whether there are enemies, and second, be careful of snipers, if There are only enemies, but it is sufficient to take an airdrop. However, if a sniper is found, you must be aware of the situation. Unless there is a bunker near the airdrop, you may turn around, but the new one is not the same. Airdrops are the fate of the world.

When entering the house

During the search, the most common is the hostile player who comes to the door. This is also a test of your judgment because you do not know. What weapons he has, not talking about his level, only considering his threats, then your consciousness is not far away from the big brother. Usually in this situation, a big squad who has a spray will choose to get up and hit him by surprise. With the assault of the assault rifle, the big scorpion will pay attention to his footsteps. Once his footsteps do not look like he is walking to this side, the big scorpion will directly emerge and shoot the enemy into a hornet’s nest, but he will treat it with new ones. Things are more likely to happen with nature. Like encounters with friends and friends, they will go out and meet immediately. Then the outcome completely looks at the marksmanship of both sides.

Final Final When

When entering the finals, it also means that the game’s most intense moments have come. Players of this time The most common method is the yin and grass in the house. Everyone is reluctant to attack with the first hand, for fear of attracting a fire from a nearby player, but for the amazing player like Meng, stand up and shoot a few shots. It was the normal operation after the enemy was found. They could not feel how horrible the eyes of the surrounding enemies were. They thought that no one shot him and he was surrounded by nobody. He was completely unaware of what kind of slaughter and killing he would have if he were seen in public view. As stated above, grab the desire to shoot and wait until you determine the position of the remaining enemies before deciding to open the gun.

In summary, The big brothers are all seeking stability. The budding newcomers are all seeking for death. The core of good judgment is “stability”. In almost all the situations in PUBG Mobile, everyone will choose to act with prudence. Indeed, the previous one had dropped ten people. The situation has gradually dissipated, but the various tactics brought by stability, such as LYB tactics and Voldemort tactics, have begun to be more disgusted by people. However, what can you do about it? I am also very desperate, but I believe it will be launched soon. “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield”, I believe there is a better experience.

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