PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” divers reappear! Sao Tao Road followed

In this game, the water can be said to be the safest place. Not only can it guarantee its own safety, but it can also be easily sinister, and many enemies are far more vigilant against the water. Far lower than land, so as long as you are long and lucky, then the probability of the first game is quite high. The main idea of ​​this method is to start from scratch, to dive from the beginning to the end, to the critical moment, to kill the enemy. Yes, this is the easiest way to win. What do you need to do as a qualified diver?

It is necessary to have enough With patience, in the game, the primary goal is to ensure their own safety. When working with teammates, they can choose to stay in the water and spend the early period of war. Let them kill each other and cut most of the people. As long as you start with the most basic weapon defense equipment, you can turn on the dive mode, but it should be noted that the dive area must be in the safe area, otherwise even if you hide perfectly, you can not escape poisoning, so You need to take the lead in finding safe waters and go immediately, so that when you shrink your circle, you will not be too far away from the safe area.

Also, do not dive Too deep, after all, there will be helium time below the dive. Once it is depleted, it will be strangled. Therefore, after a certain period of time, some oxygen can be supplied to avoid sudden death. When encountering the enemy, do not As far as the outcrops are concerned, as long as they are not found, they can almost reach the decisive battle. If the luck is better and the water zone is in a decisive battle, then only the most suitable corner point can be found.

Also note that if you are breathing, be discovered by the enemy, immediately Diving, change the place and then change his mind again to quickly dive, and then look for sheltered waters, such as stones, under the bridge, etc., try to avoid being discovered by the other party, the enemy did not dare to keep, after all, there are other enemies on the land, As long as the enemy is gone, you can start the dive mode again. However, when you reach the decisive battle, you should rely on your skills. Whether you are a prostitute or a player, as long as you can win, the process is not important.

The advantage of this method is that your own safety will be greatly protected against premature The staff is reduced to safety, and the safety level in the water area is even higher than the Mirage tank. Other players will even pay more attention to the grass. After all, the number of Phantom tanks is too large, so the success rate of this method is still quite high. However, there is also a certain amount of luck. After all, if there is no water area in the security zone, then there is no way to implement it. It can only be a normal routine, but in many endless loops, this method can only be said to be the tip of the iceberg. The competition, as well as other highly practical routines, can only stand out in the PUBG Mobile game and become a leader.