PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” old driver teaches you how to pick the right car for you

Speaking of the recent popular game PUBG Mobile, my 30-year-old driver had to stand up and say a word!

“ Beginning with a parachute, landing a box, to get to the bottom, you must have a car! “In the beginning of the game, you can first see the course of the aircraft. If you are familiar with the location of the vehicle, you can greatly increase the efficiency of your medicine and equipment. Today, let me accumulate countless years of experience. The old driver told you how to choose the right vehicle for you!


Motorized, with the speed of the stone fire light, you can feel the general feeling of flying, calm highway At the time of the captain’s rolling up a turbulent sandstorm, there was no bounds of opportunity, and a harsh sound came from his ears. At this time, he couldn’t see the sky and couldn’t see the earth. There were only flying sand and stones, devoured all living creatures, and opened motorcycles in the early period. You can’t beat you. You can’t beat anyone. You run after you finish. It’s a good option for players to play. However, once you’re overturned, you’ll be able to experience what is desperate. Therefore, it is only suitable for driving on a flat road.


BUGGY, commonly known as “蹦蹦”, has good terrain adaptability and opens up Feelings of speed, two people’s seats allow teammates to hold firearms in the car against the past target suddenly burst fire, this style feeling is to take a speed and passion 9, but “” protection Worrying sex, often casually on the tire blew, after the car is still a serious injury to people who die, the back seat is also equivalent to human meat mats, safety factor two stars, it is recommended to see other cars quickly changed it, so as to avoid Shaking is a black screen.


Dicia is a 4-seater sedan, common on the roadside or in a fixed garage, boasting the highest With a speed of 115, it is often possible to stage a chase on the road and you can often make extreme drifts, rollovers, snakes, and other postures. However, due to the two-wheel drive, the horsepower is insufficient and the speed on the uphill Extremely slow, if it is a parking lot on the slope, you may not be able to open it, and the terrain adaptability is poor. A small slope may make you fall into a box (Didn’t I be killed by the enemy? How could I die for myself? ?)


UAZ has a wide selection of games to choose from. It is also the favorite of the old driver. Speaking of UAZ’s origins, this goes back a long, long time ago. It is said to be the seat of the Putin Emperor. , then in the game, UAZ what role? Don’t worry, wait for the old driver to tell you!

UAZ has a powerful horsepower, climbing, crossing the bridge, driving on the road is not a problem, UAZ is a car that will not turn over basically, even if the side turn over, it is easy to come over (safe life so easy, my mother no longer have to worry I roll over!) UAZ can also act as a huge bunker during the match. Whether you are squatting, crouching or jumping, UAZ can escort you, but UAZ has a drawback. It consumes a lot of fuel. The lasting power is not high, and it will not be casually seen on the road. Therefore, the small partner who owns this car will cherish it!

Vehicles are probably introduced here, and you want to find a car that suits you if you want to lap, dodge, chase. If you don’t have a driver’s license or a driver who is about to test your driver’s license, you can do it soon. PUBG Mobile: Stimulate the battlefield, try to drive, so that you completely cut off the idea of ​​learning the car, from the road will be less a killer! Hahaha!