PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile Women’s Aura Plus? Meet external players should do this

We believe that everyone in the game will often encounter plug-in players and have immortal abilities. Whether it is heaven or space, only you can not think of, there is no plug-in to do Less than, in the face of endless plug-ins, many players can only quietly withdraw from the game, although very hated, but no plan to use, then in the face of external players, how to deal with?

Coping methods One: Wrongful, living is the capital

Facing the magical skills, most players are I chose to sit still, but there are also a few players for the game’s victory, had to hang players to bow down, when confronted, directly open the voice, hanging players constantly asking for mercy, “Brother, let me go” & rdquo; this type of language has long been common, And constantly praise each other, if the other party is kind and soft, it will spare your life, but it will certainly allow you to remove all their weapons, to avoid your counterattack, this method is contrary to the spirit of the game, but in the final analysis or in order to live.

Coping methods II: Rather than die!

There are also many players who hate hatred and never bow to evil forces, so the same is true in games. , Hiding in a very small space, and quickly open the voice to insult the player, tempted him to enter, while arresting the hand grenade in the hand, waiting for the enemy to come in, directly blew, with the plug-in players die, this method is very hard, I believe many straight The man will be like this, but because the ability of the plug-in has exceeded the imagination of ordinary people, the success rate of this method is extremely low. If it can succeed, it can be said to be a success, eradicating a scourge for other players!

Coping methods Three: Women’s Aura

Female players are extremely popular in any game, so if female players encounter plug-ins Will often be favored, but the number of sisters is so poor that it would be nice to come down with a game, so recommend a method for male players, download a voice change software on the Internet, open it directly when encountering a plug-in, and continue to sell cute outfits. As long as the other person is a man, it will certainly not be a killer, and will even take you away. Since the external players are not very vigilant to female players, they are only looking to show their strong abilities. At this time, they only need to open voices to keep up with them. Chat, let it relax, and finally look for opportunities to win in one move, this move is much better than the above two coping styles.

Coping methods Four: euthanasia

This is what most players will do. There was a head-on conflict and he had been hiding in the venomous circle. He searched for drugs in a crazy way until he couldn’t hold it. He hid in the room and waited for the poison area to slowly infiltrate and die.

After reading these, I believe Many players are fully aware of it. Individuals are still more recommending the second way. After all, what is the meaning of the game?