PUBG Mobile guide Eating Chicken Psychological Warfare – Let the Enemies in the Room Argue

PUBG Mobile stimulates gunfire in the battlefield and is not the only way to win. Although many technology players like to use technology to win and eat chicken through just a gunshot, of course, “Lord”, Voldemort can also be successful in the top ten. However, we must remember that eating chicken is the primary purpose. It is certainly not enough to “defend” “steel”. We also need to suppress opponents from psychological and brain tactics. Today, we took the housing area as an example to bring psychological warfare skills to everyone in the housing area. Learn to do this trick, the room area is king and hegemony is just around the corner!

When the short range of the house area meets with the enemy, the marksmanship is not just right. It does not matter, the key is to stabilize their minds and stay in trouble. Ingeniously use the house to deal with the enemy. Here we will divide it into two kinds. One is outside the enemy and I am inside. One is the enemy and I’m out.

In view of these two situations, we can use different techniques and psychological warfare to deal with enemies, make the enemy lose patience, and then use the opportunity to attack the enemies of the chaos.

Another thing to mention is throwing weapons. Novice players tend to ignore throwing weapons, and high and advanced players have significant differences. Therefore, attention should be paid to the collection of throwing weapons such as grenades and smoke bombs while searching for materials in the housing area.

The following points need to be observed when attacking a house:

First, there is no cover around the house.

The enemies in the house have the advantage of housing as a bunker. If there is no bunker around the house like a lamb to be slaughtered, the opponent’s residual blood can evade the fight, and your residual blood can only wait for death. . Unless he is confident, he will not shoot the first shot without a bunker. Even if it is attacked by enemy enemies in the room, it should quickly and sidewardly avoid the bullets and approach the nearest bunker.

Second, do not fight long distances.

Enemies in the house can use the walls to cover their form and provide third-person insight into the exterior of the house. If you are at a distance with your opponent’s gun, you will get the enemy right. Finding ways to stay close to the psychological warfare advantage. The previously mentioned smoke can be used to block the view of the enemy and then use other shelters to move closer to the enemy.

Third, after a wave, we must not be stuck in the same place.

Playing two shots for a place! As the saying goes, “Cheering is not deceptive”. Attacking an enemy for a long time in one position will cause the enemy to adjust your position. It is not so easy for a prepared enemy to fight, and shifting positions in due course can allow opponents to adjust their strategies frequently.

Fourth, do not enter the house directly after approaching

If direct Entering the room, the enemy is likely to jump out of the window. When you enter, the enemy touches your ass from behind. Role change, easy to play with opponents. The best way is to walk one or two laps on the wall, pay attention to the visual field, and pay attention to the window of the house to prevent the enemy from jumping over the window. At the same time, with their own walking footsteps, it is difficult for an opponent to judge whether he has entered the house or not. Let the enemy nervous. At the same time pay attention to the enemy’s footsteps, and when the opponents do not jump off, they can stop and throw a grenade at the enemy’s floor. Throw a few more, the enemy upstairs can hold the best, generally can not jump down. In addition, we must make preparations for moving at any time. If one throws a mistake and throws it back, you can run it in time to avoid trouble. To know when the window is down, because the body has an action, the enemy has a few seconds of vacuum time, if you see the enemy jumped out, first shot directly to death. The enemies who are caught can circle the house again and then remember not to open the door and enter through the window. At this point the enemy will basically determine that you are still outside. And then wait for an opportunity to go upstairs, even if you encounter “enemy”, the difficulty of playing will be greatly reduced.

As mentioned above, pay attention to disturbing the mind of the enemy and remember when to exchange fire and when it is not appropriate to exchange fire. . I believe that as long as you learn the above points, you can take a greater advantage in attacking your home.