PUBG Mobile guide Desert Small Resource Point, Waterworks Area Introduction

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield”, the points in the desert map must have been unexplored by many players. Large resource points are more or less understood, but small resource points may not be familiar to so many players. The resource point introduced today for everyone is the small area water plant in the northern region of the desert map!



The water plant is located in the southern part of the desert area. The nearest large resource points are unique to the villa areas in the south and St. Martin, while the sniper point is a broken city in the east. Due to the fact that the city is in a relatively partial position, other players will rarely appear. The villa area and the Sint Maarten are bordered by two resource points, and they are all advanced material areas. Players from these two locations generally do not want to return to the water plant. Such a little bit, so relatively speaking, in addition to the majority of wild players and skirmishers, the water plant will not be too much interference by other players.

Area Overview

There are fewer water plant buildings and they constitute more Simple, the main building is composed of open-air reservoirs. The interior terrain of the area is complex and requires frequent internal wall fencing. The second is a cylindrical reservoir, which is a closed building and can only be accessed by stairs to the top floor. In addition, there are two large single-storey buildings in the area, with more internal compartments, which are located on the south and southeast corners of Shu Chang respectively. There is an elevated warehouse in the north. The terrain is high and the field of vision is good.

Set foot point selection

Normal waterworks are allowed as long as the route permits. There are still a certain number of players who have settled down. Therefore, it is more important to choose a foothold. North Point overhead warehouse. Players in the elevated position can directly see the movement of the open area of ​​the entire water plant directly inside the building.

Travel route planning

Preferred northern warehouse room to get in, get After certain equipment, turn to the east side of the cylinder to go around, do not go to search, you know that at this time it is easy to attack by other enemies in the area. Surrounding from the outside can easily avoid the enemy’s vision. Then enter the southeast room to search, the next step is to enter the south of another bungalow for cleaning. Generally, after these two points are cleared, the safety of the back can be guaranteed. Finally, the search and cleaning of the intermediate open-air reservoir is completed. The reason for keeping the most fat reservoir in the area for the final search is that the reservoir is extremely low-lying, and there are few internal bunkers. Apart from the fact that it is not easy to evade bullets, the internal structure is extremely complicated and requires frequent overturns. One who has not accidentally crossed over is easily blocked by the opponent. So it is generally left to clean up.

The waterworks area is not particularly rich in resources, and it is generally recommended that it be double-sided. The terrain is more special and there are almost no bunkers in the surrounding hillside areas. Therefore, it is more difficult to safely evacuate if there are enemies in the area. So a good foothold is very important.

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