PUBG Mobile guide Chicken rules! These bad habits must be changed!

The biggest difference between rookie and Great God players in the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” is in some details. These details are often accompanied by an increase in the game duration of players. It has changed, but some things are difficult to recognize once they have become habituated. Today we come to talk about the deadly bad habits of those games.

Medicines and Accessories 多 多 123 123

When it comes to supplies in backpacks, many players have encountered difficult times to pick and sell items, so how to determine the number of items is critical. The first thing to say to beginners is to turn off the automatically picked keys in the settings. The number of drug accessories is not as good as possible. The same accessories are also used. Before I met the box, I found out that there were three cases of eight times and 12 first aid kits…. Can you use it as a box? <123

Support First Search is respectful !

This is the middle and early period. It is particularly evident that individual players tend to see their equipment as extremely important and will always be unique in multiple situations. Even if a teammate encounters an enemy, he or she will choose to search for the surrounding resources. While the situation in the exciting battlefield is unpredictable, it is probable that you will be eliminated by opponents only if you lose your teammates. The single person does not have to say too much about the difficulty of eating chicken in multiple rows.

Fuzzy Messaging

” I see people!” “There is someone on the left,” “there is someone on the right,” “there is someone in front of you,” “there is someone behind,” what is the basis for asking you before and after, whether it is a house or your own? This kind of newspaper not only fails to provide effective information for the team. It’s extremely easy to cause teammates to panic. Be sure to use the direction of the top of the screen to accurately report points, teammates can not only quickly receive information, but also quickly respond to strategies.

Shooting gap must be changed

Obsessive-compulsive disorder Actually, there is no so-called obsessive-compulsive disorder! Many times, especially in the multi-row mode, many players always knock down one person to start changing gears for the rhythm, but at this time it is very easy to be attacked by opponent teammates without having to fight back. So to do more than a dozen, then this habit of change must be changed.

Playing without a tactical person

When meeting someone, you need to determine whether you are in the situation. Are you in the finals? Many people or individuals. The situation is different. The result after the shooting is totally different. If you are shot in the finals, even if you can knock down the enemy in your field of view, but the enemy outside the field of view is basically to determine your position, especially the multi-row mode, exposed the entire team inattentively . When you asked everyone to fire, the team’s were less likely to happen ?

Do not pay attention to vehicle

The vehicle has been greatly enhanced in the current version. It is very difficult for a vehicle traveling at a constant speed to attempt to knock inside the vehicle. In the game, regardless of the former mid-term lap, or the final round of the game, the role of vehicles is very large. Especially in the finals, if it is in the plain area, the detonation of vehicles can also serve as a cover for us to run poisonously in the early stage and cover up in the late stage, with the best of both worlds. The most important time is when the game room area or other location card points, the vehicle is easily distracted by opponents targeted deflation, hit the tires, so to use the advantages of vehicles, it is also very necessary to protect the vehicle. .

These are just some of the more common bad habits among players. These habits not only affect the game experience, but are also a stumbling block for us to score. As long as we pay more attention to details, it seems that eating chicken is not as difficult as it seems.

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