PUBG Mobile guide Crater also has something? Happy village point to find out

Happiness Village is a small and medium-sized point in the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” desert map. Although the points are not large, the buildings are dense and the search speed is relatively fast. Search out here, the basic equipment will not be too bad. Of course, this point can be more than this advantage. Here we will bring you a detailed analysis of the happiness of the village.

Location Overview

Happiness Village is located in the east of the desert map In the area, the topography is more unique and resembles that of a huge pit that fell after the falling of the meteorite, while the buildings of the Happy Village are inside the pit. The overall location of Happiness Village is relatively complex, and the north is a resource mine, but fortunately, it is not a popular spot on large mines. Generally, there are fewer players at home, and the northwest is a small site with cemetery . The southern part of the city is Lion City, the largest resource area, and the eastern part is also close to Impala. In addition to other basic points around the Lion City players will not be particularly many.

Architectural Composition

Happiness Village is more remote In the small and medium-sized resource points, the regional buildings mainly consist of private houses, and the buildings are mostly bungalows and two-level symmetrical bilateral buildings (symmetry of the house’s left and right structures). However, unlike other housing area buildings, the construction of Xingfu Village is very different. Most of the buildings are damaged houses, such as only half or a large hole. Of course, this is obviously different from that of a non-built house because the structure of the unfinished building is Completed, and some of the building structures here are incomplete.

Regional Structure

Happiness Village Architecture is not obvious Points can be divided because the buildings are evenly distributed on both sides of the north and south, but on the east side, there are many sparse buildings, do not underestimate these buildings, because these small bungalows can be said to be the key point in the region. . The reason is that the location of these buildings is the highest in the whole happiness village.

Searching for Routes

If you want to take the initiative, then brush Occupying the commanding heights is bound to be our first choice. Therefore, we need to choose high areas to settle in. Because Happiness Village is not an extremely unpopular point, there is a great chance of encountering players who also choose this point, so it is very necessary to properly plan the route to clean up the enemy. The planning route is as follows:

Starting from point 1 to start searching for a recommendation. However, it should be noted that as far as possible, it is advancing against the edge of the entire building so as to avoid being attacked in multiple directions. Afterwards, to the key position 2, we can use the two double-storey building checkpoints in the area to observe the situation and cope with the discovery ratio table. Afterwards, one move closer to the wreckage of the aircraft. After the cleanup is completed, the roof area of ​​the center of the area is avoided. Because there is no bunker, it is easy to be attacked. Finally turn to 3 good points, the search area is complete, and the enemy can also completely clean.

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