PUBG Mobile guide Want to practice shooting? Speed ​​to stimulate confrontation

“PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” has been on the line for a long time, whether it is chicken-based or players. I believe everyone have a certain understanding of the game , but neither the gods nor the rookie, do not want their own Technology or segmentation stops here, then how to effectively improve their own technology? ? Clearly, the stimulating confrontation in entertainment mode is bound to be a good place for players to practice gunning .

There are many LYBs that spur people on the battlefield, but the first shotgun king is a rare commodity. The immediate benefit of gunshots is that we can quickly defeat our opponents in the direct confrontation, because the longer we stay with our opponents, the greater the chance of being intervened by other players. If we can beat the enemy, we can Other enemies cannot accurately locate our position and thus ensure their own safety. In the case of the “narrow side meets the brave winner” in the final round, a good shot is the guarantee for us to eat chicken.

However, in many cases, we are often affected by the slow pace of regular patterns. In the first ten minutes of the game, the enemy could not meet the enemy, and then the enemies occupying a favorable terrain in the finals sneaked and died. As time went by, their marksmanship would become extremely odd, and there would have been a huge advantage in equipment but they could not win. The situation occurs What annoyed the player is that he could not find a way to upgrade his marksmanship for a time.

苟 苟 苟 老 老 老 LYB

In the mode of the stimulating match, the initial terrain is limited, and the lap time is shortened, greatly accelerating the progress of the game, just-gunned The situation has become very common, but many young people entering this mode often fall into boxes.

The flight distance is short and the landing is as early as possible.

1. In the stimulating duel, the flight time in the air is greatly reduced, so don’t think about drifting far away. The landing must be near the route if it is not a single row. Please be sure to pull a teammate to jump a point together, because landing is the fight, if you fly alone, it is likely that the enemy will be fierce, so the existence of teammates is far more important than the normal mode.

The end of “See Man Is Just”

2. Do not “see people just right”, as mentioned above, in the stimulating confrontation The most important thing is to hold the group. Therefore, if we find the enemy at the placement, we must not suddenly burst into heat and then be killed by his teammates. The correct way to do this is to observe and observe, calm down, and wait until no one is confirmed. In the case of “interference”, the fire was opened.

3. Collecting materials must be learned to share. In an exciting duel, the time for shrinking the circle is very short. Accordingly, the time for collecting materials becomes insufficient, so once it appears, When we are particularly wealthy, we must not forget the teammates fighting side by side. Sharing medicines and ammunition, as well as various weapon accessories can quickly increase the team’s cohesion, and can also improve the combat effectiveness of teammates. A quadruple lens mounted on a teammate’s gun must be four times bigger than lying in your backpack. Useful mirror.

4. The most important role for us in seeking plain fights and stimulating confrontation is to practice the marksmanship. , and the plain guns, we all have no support, guns statutory victory, so that we can maximize the effectiveness of our training.

Shooting can be said to be very important in stimulating the battlefield Ability is also an indispensable factor in eating chicken. It is most effective to improve your rank and raise the marksmanship. I hope that everyone can practice in the exciting matchup mode and soon become a “Just Gun King”!

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