PUBG Mobile guide Double team has tricks to make you stand out among 100 people

In the PUBG Mobile: stimulating battlefield, the double team mode has been deeply loved by players. The double team mode is highly playable, because it is not as dependent on the marksmanship as the single player mode. It requires team awareness. In general, if the player wants to successfully eat chickens in the double mode, mutual cooperation is the only way. The most critical point.

[Selection of Landing Location]

Double-landing location Choose some housing clusters or small towns, and don’t go to choose the enemy of some scattered houses, because the two people’s material needs are much larger than one person.

Try to open the skydiving to follow this feature when landing, so as to avoid the two people being too far apart. If shooting after landing, this will increase the team’s support speed.

[Tactical Command]

The two-player model is already a small team, so the two should clarify their respective division of labor. The best match is a sniper and a striker.

Sniper Responsibilities: Observe the dynamics of the surroundings and notify the teammates immediately after finding the position of the enemy. After getting the consent of teammates, they will shoot again to protect the assaulters and protect the safety of the assaulters.

Assault Responsibilities: Search for supplies. Because of the cover of a sniper, you can rest assured. To search for supplies, pick up some drugs, throw weapons or weapons accessories, and then share them with the sniper. After the sniper discovers the enemy, the sniper needs to support it for the first time. Don’t let the sniper fight alone. Pick up more smoke bombs. Sniper sniper.

Normally, when one person finds an enemy, try not to exchange fire. Wait until the teammate arrives and choose whether to fire.

It is best not to exceed each other when searching for supplies. 100 meters, once teammates encounter ambush, players can provide support at the first time.


1. If two people want to drive the vehicle, they should drive as much as possible under certain conditions. Taiwan vehicles. Because it is easy to expose your position by driving, once the parking both become the target of the enemy, the gun is excessively violent when shooting on the vehicle.It is difficult to shoot the enemy, so the effect of slaying the enemy while driving the vehicle is not as effective as driving the enemy.

2. The battle state must be preceded by a crossover station position. Players will give their teammates their backs, and they should not stare in one direction and increase their horizons as much as possible.

3. Once the teammate is knocked down, do not Immediately lifted, the enemy knocked him down and did not kill him. It must have been a long line to catch big fish, and rushing to save could only lead to the death of both parties.

Correct practice: Communicate with the teammates the enemy’s position, concealing themselves and discovering enemy enemies After the fire protection, let his teammate climb to a safe position, and then put his teammates up. Players should not take one person off the team tactics lightly, because this is a dangerous factor.

4. The most important thing for the double team is communication. Players must turn on the voice in the game, so the effect of team cooperation is better!

5. The two-person model is very taboo heroism, pay attention to teamwork.

After watching the above teaching content, the players feel deeply touched 赶 拿 拿 拿 拿 拿 < < <

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