PUBG Mobile guide Why do you want to take the edge? This double row tells you why

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the way of card poisoning is a skill that many old players know, but there are still many players who do not know the meaning of going along the edge of the safe area. Today we have a detailed explanation of the progress of the Kaka security zone in the game for everyone through an actual battle.

Practical analysis

In this game, we and our teammates selected the area on the edge of the map from the beginning, and the first circle is just a short distance from the resources of our search materials.

After arriving at the warehouse in the southeast direction of S, we chose the location of the refreshment zone. Sure enough, the third circle is still in the ruins of the hilltop area.

In the sparsely populated hilltop ruin area we chose a mobile dummy garage with its mountainside location as the card point location. The reason why I don’t go uphill is to try to avoid the enemy at the top of the hill.

After a certain period of time, the safety zone moved down and reached the mountainside of the ruins of the hilltop. At this time we chose a small building in the hillside area with a slightly higher elevation. Used to target enemies in different directions. At the time of arriving at the destination, the airdrops just fell. With the help of the building, we were able to guard the enemy who wanted to fly.

Sure enough, his teammates easily knocked down the drooling target in the warehouse. Later, in the turret, they succeeded in touching the enemy of the two teams in the center of the safe area and successfully killed three people. From this we have not played on the edge of the safe area since and we have faced any enemy . .

When the safety zone starts to shrink, we will start driving the vehicle again and start the finals. We also chose the edge position, but this time we chose the highest slope position in the safety zone. And with the changes in the location of the safety zone, we have always maintained a high point on the edge. In this way to the last lap, although teammates were defeated by their opponents, we successfully killed all the enemies under the slopes and succeeded in eating chickens with the help of our teammates.

Actual summary

From the above actual combat, we can see that in the whole process, apart from the final round of the latter stage, we basically did not spend a shot and a bomb with our teammates in the early stage. Of course, this is not a so-called embarrassment. Every point we have spent on cards has been treated cautiously, but why didn’t we meet people? This is also a big advantage at the edge of the card security zone. One of the most important things is that we can avoid the enemy from the front and back as much as we can successfully beat a team of backs before the final round. The enemy. Until the final round, because the area was too small, teammates were inadvertently defeated, and we succeeded in cleaning up all enemies with geographical advantage and successfully eating chicken.

Key Points

Key Point 1: Pay attention to the distance from the safety zone, estimate the length of the lap, and avoid spending a lot of time on the lap as time is not properly controlled.

Key point 2: The edge area may encounter enemies in other laps. So the best way to move is the vehicle. Therefore, it is better to find the vehicle and prepare enough gasoline when choosing the method of sticking circles.

Key point 3: Do not shoot blindly. It is best to cooperate with teammates. The most likely

to do a blow will fall .

Sticky marching is generally the preferred route for Buddhist gamers. A great degree of avoidance of contact with more players, so if we are not good at steel guns, try this kind of safe way into the ring.

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