PUBG Mobile guide LYB the ultimate, island “tail” play tactics analysis

There is a special play in the double and four rows of the stimulating battlefield, which is followed by a complete squad or individual unit. Near the team, they then look for opportunities to close the enemies who have landed, or indeed to exchange their tactics after they have exchanged fire with people. It is not an exaggeration to say that this set of tactics has completely refreshed the player’s knowledge of LYB, because under this tactic, LYB is no longer a passive state of “Gang Taigong Fishing,” but it is an active attack and recruits. blood.

For ease of understanding and getting started, we have examples in a single row, the description is complete, we enter the following questions

1. In the first stage we need to choose the location of the skydiving. As more and more people play in the high-end bureau, we do not recommend the wilderness area. Our goal is only the room area, because this tactic needs to be trailing. To put it plainly, you need to develop yourself based on the other team. If you jump in the field, it is difficult to open the field of vision. If no one jumps with you, this tactic will not work because At that time, whether we are driving or looking for someone to run, it is possible to be discovered by others. After landing, I just shot and searched for a car. The search for a car here did not allow us to leave the train in front of our enemies. Instead, we took the vehicle as the center, because if the poisonous ring is bad for us, it is very It may be that the car needs to be transferred. In the high-end field, the team that jumps a large resource point will be much less than the low-level one, but it is not so dangerous.

2. After securing our security in the first phase and completing the deployment, we will need to perform the second phase tactical selection based on changes in the security zone. We will mainly encounter There are three different situations in the circle, in the circle, and outside the circle. First of all, let’s talk about the situation in the circle. After the fierce exchange of fire on the next plane is over, if we are in the safe zone, we will not need to search if we are to ensure that the basic materials are adequate. All energy is focused on the surrounding movements. In simple terms, we can compare with prey. If we find the whereabouts of prey, then we are safe. At this time, what we are doing is to keep an eye on the enemy’s every move. And disguised their own whereabouts, as long as we know the movement of a team, as long as we do not shoot, they are our free bodyguards. The second situation is the most complicated and most dangerous, because we do not know there are several teams around and we do not know whether the decisions of these teams are immediately lapped or poisoned. It is best to find this team only. The method is grenades. The purpose of grenades is not to kill the enemy, but to put pressure on the team and to inform everyone of the position of the team. Grenades are because grenades are very well concealed and can be manufactured. A loud noise, which is often said, lest the world should not be confused. The third situation is much simpler. Look at the vehicle and wait until the circle is over. The anti-drug drove to the next room and continued to look for the target.

3. The third stage is the core of this tactic. It is to track the enemy. The best vehicle for tracking the enemy is Motorized and sturdy, and it is worth noting how far away it is. How far does it go? For more than 1,000 meters, remember to hide yourself from the uneven nature of the ground. It is not difficult to track the enemy’s footprint. It is not difficult, most players If you like to drive, you can visit various nearby areas and find a room in the nearby area. When you see the vehicle, you know where they are.

4. The fourth stage, thisThe stages are very flexible. They may be completed in the early stages, or they may be completed in the finals. Simply put, it is to find out where their enemies are when your prey is caught in the crossfire, and then you come to a wave of “submissions” to determine safety. After searching for supplies, the most perfect situation is that the only team we follow is second place. Kill them and eat chicken directly.

Finally, why do we use this tactic ? What are the advantages of this kind of tactics compared with other play methods?

First of all This type of play can be relatively easy to enter the finals in the high-end games, and better points. Compared to other tactics, this tactical requirement for variable ability is lower than that for active attack. It turns the instinctless view into incompetence, which is, in the old saying, non- Often “Stable”.

Today’s Introduction to “The End of the Line” in Place Everyone said here, “The water is impermanent “Forms and Soldiers are Unstoppable” All tactical tactics require everyone to continue to sum up and improve in the game, I hope everyone can improve, as soon as the crown!

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