PUBG Mobile guide rejects poverty! Wild wild firearms recommended

In the stimulating battlefield, everyone mentions “123” “poverty” and “mixed child” The term is very simple. Generally, the place where the wild player jumps is very remote. He can’t get a good shot he doesn’t say . No, but playing wild players can not think so , who said that in addition to M4 there is no good gun to use, and today we give everyone popular science about playing wild Players use weapons.


P18C With a fully automatic pistol, it can be fired with fire firepower, and this pistol’s melee capability can be said to be very strong when it is just dropped, because with the rise of the stage, There are more and more wilder players playing, and sometimes the wilderness will hit the enemy. This pistol can pick up the group in close combat.


The AKM firearm is still quite powerful, especially when the outbreak of melee is strong and Stability is still possible in a single shot. It is also a good option to tune into a single shot at 200 meters. At the same time, 7.62 bullets are very common on the map. If there is a chance to hit the sniper, there will be no lack of bullets. >

Submachine Gun: <123

Vector This Gun It is very interesting that his various abilities are very good in submachine guns, but the charge is too low. If there is a chance to use them, they must be used with expansion clips. Otherwise, if they do not kill the enemy, the time for reloading is enough to be fatal. 123>


The S12K is a shotgun that can be equipped with an 8x lens. Of course, that doesn’t make much sense. Closer to home, the biggest advantage of this shotgun compared to other shotguns is the ability to change the speed. When the room is in a civil war, the effect is improved. It is easy to suppress all rifles. It is a mountain option for attacking buildings.

Machine Gun:

The DP-28, commonly known as the “Chicken Pan”, can be said to be an artifact of a wilderness player. This gun has a 47-round terror shot. We can suppress the firepower of all rifles. As a wilderness player, we often need to rescue the besieged teammates. This gun can be said to be the strongest weapon when we don’t have decent equipment. Although the gun is a machine gun, it can be passed through. It greatly reduces the recoil and the ballistics are very good. There is a machine gun that can hold up to 4 times the mirror, but in most cases, a red dot is enough, this gun can be opposite to points such as SKS (within 200 meters) can definitely point opposite The suspicion of life, but as a machine gun, changing the speed of a missile is a hard wound. How slow does the gun change its speed? Slow enough that the enemy can use our fists to kill us during the time we exchanged bullets. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the amount of ammunition at all times, and never switch from hand to hand!

Single shot:

This gun is unique to the desert. It is good at speed, trajectory, damage, and range. Of course, he has no way to equip the sight. But in the hands of the sniper master, this is a shot of 98K, and .45 bullets are visible everywhere, there is no need to worry about ammunition problems

Continuous hairpin:

VSS, this gun is not mentioned for the time being. It can be said that it is the exclusive player to play the wilderness, not to mention the use of 9mm bullets all over the place, but remember that this single gun damage is very low, the ballistic drop is very serious, so need to preview when shooting With guns raised, the problem of guns should also be taken into consideration when you are nearer, but once you are comfortable, the power of this skeleton is very powerful. If you want to be a good player, you must practice this. spy.

These are some firearms that are suitable for wild gamers. Observe that these firearms have the following characteristics: easy to find, ammunition everywhere, do not rely on accessories, there is a major flaw. Therefore, we must consider certain complementarity when using these firearms. For example, if we take
VSS, we must use a Vector to protect ourselves. Keeping the weapons in play and using each other’s strengths to cover each other’s shortcomings, these firearms can play a greater role.

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