PUBG Mobile guide Where are the people you are looking at?

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, I believe that many players have encountered because teammate reported an inaccurate position and could not find The goal of is that the general result is missed offensive opportunities, but sometimes it is not possible to accurately provide teammates with the target position, and it is easy to make teammates Suffered. Then what do we need to pay attention to when reporting? Here we bring all the steps for accurate reporting.

Accurate reporting requires three steps. The first is the direction; the second is the distance; the third is the reference .

Range Direction

No matter what the position is to see the enemy, the direction is It is the primary condition for confirming the target position . I believe everybody often encountered “I saw it!” “People on the left,” “there are people on the right,” “someone in front of me,” are some people’s newspapers. Can’t find the teammates of North . Of course, it does not mean that the posting method of is not available.

At a specific time The “front, rear, right, and left” report points are more accurate. If you are in a vehicle with your teammates, or are close to your teammates and heading in the same direction, the way you go back and forth will be more intuitive and clear to your teammates. However, when we are still and are not in the same direction as the teammates’ vision, or when they are a little further away, it is very difficult to describe the enemy’s position in front, behind, and back. At this time, the scale on the compass is needed. Of course, the scale is not too precise, because the compass is based on the position of each person, so the team needs a range for the target direction, such as The “15 to 30 direction” is a range reporting method.

Distance and distance

After confirming the target direction, teammates still need to Search for targets from environments with large amounts of information and . So follow-up will need to inform the teammate’s target distance. Generally speaking, we have three ways of expression.

Near point: Within 50 meters

Medium-range: 50 meters to 100 meters

Further points: More than 100 meters

After determining the direction of the enemy , report the approximate distance to the teammate’s target. This time the teammate needs to search. The scope is greatly reduced, and the search time will be greatly reduced.

<123 References

Teammate after confirming target direction and distance The search time will be significantly shorter, but even a delay of one second may cause delays in the tactical game. Is there any way to speed up teammates’ time to time ? Finally, the most central locking method should be used.

The reference object is generally selected to be more independent and prominent around the target point, such as “The enemy is on the left side of the water tower in the north”! The “water tower” here is very independent and prominent in the game. Sign.

It should be noted that the reference selection must be independent and unique, for example, in the housing area Many buildings with the same appearance need attention, because the same objects can also make teammates confused.

In general, there are three steps to accurately report For “direction”, “distance” and “reference object”, as long as these three points are kept in mind, it is believed that everyone will no longer pit teammates because of reported points in the game!

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