PUBG Mobile guide does not bow to fate! The Survivors Guide

There is a truth in the stimulating battle. Whether you can eat chicken or not, luck is a factor that cannot be ignored. In order to increase the variables of the battle, there are three main random elements in the game: the safe zone, the airdrop, and the bombing zone. The impact of the latter two on the progress of the game is weaker than that of the safe zone. After all, it is not worthwhile. It will not die, but the probability of bombing people in the bombing zone is relatively low, and sometimes a scourge is really terrible. Whether it is a master or a white, the scourge is a headache, especially in high-end bureaus. In the general situation where everyone has a good gunfire, rushing around has almost declared our death. Without running, the ultra-high damage in the late phase of the poison will instantly kill us.

The solution to the Yokohama is mainly from the third circle. Do not deliberately poison the poison, try to be close to the circle, but because of the battlefield environment Complexity, such as the fact that we sometimes lose the best lap time by enemy guns, sometimes because of forgetting to run around in love, or lack of means of transport, and the straight line in the circle is a peak, and so on. Yes, but we also found that although the scourge was a very unfavorable form, the masters were able to handle it very often and even staged a show that could be staged against the Jedi.

In fact, the secret is very simple. It is a word “car”. Because with the shrinking of the circle, the hidden defects of the vehicle will be exposed, so when the final round is reached, there will be many other players abandoned. Vehicles, and many times we don’t have smoke bombs that can be spread all the way through, and the plains are not covered by bunkers. At this time, even if it is a jealousy, don’t let it go, because this is our only opportunity, and we need to know. One thing, the bunker will not follow us. Once we are attacked, we only have to find the nearest cover. However, because of the multiplayer operations, the enemy can enclose us from all angles, while waiting for us to consume and poison endlessly. The approximation of the circle.

While the vehicle may be swept by the enemy in operation, But once it stops and blows up, it is a good shelter that appears out of thin air. In addition, when we drive a vehicle, even if the enemy is discovered by the enemy, there is no way to quickly form a surrounding firepower because we are moving fast. It is impossible to kill us with throwing objects. It can be said that driving into the celestial circle can increase our survival probability from 10% to more than 50%. Although it is not a perfect solution, we can guarantee peace of mind.

The above describes the method of entering the circle. Here we talk about the timing of entering the circle. First of all, do not start to run poison when you do not use drugs, and do not say that you will not be poisoned. This virtually increases the pressure on yourself, and when people are under stress, they make a variety of mistakes, such as the most Common is the rollover. There is a lot of time when the novice player hears the sound of gunfire and is afraid for the first time. Everyone knows that in the eyes of the master, the more intense the battle between the enemies, the safer we will be, so the best time to step out of the Sunken Circle It is when the enemy gunfire is the most dense and the battle is fiercest. Because at this time, the enemy has nothing to worry about. As long as we do not disturb it, we can often rush into the circle.

It is a good tactic to blow up a car as a cover during a decisive battle. Compared to lying in the house, we are more mobile and more flexible, especially when the shrinking circle is against us. under.

The above are some suggestions on how to survive on the Scorpio, and hope that everyone can apply what they have learned and continuously improve their own level.

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