PUBG Mobile guide Desert single-legged Impalas driving mountain patrols

This map of the desert, focusing on guns, is very unfriendly to LYB players, but With the previous update , The new tactics of the desert map turned out to be a single row of impala patrol towns to play today.

First, the basis of our implementation of this style of play is to be able to parachute to Impala town, and can live out, but really, not difficult, first, in the single row mode, there is no longer a group of 4 row suppression, in the ideal case, you encounter The enemies are always one person, and the impala supplies are not bad if you can’t beat 1V1, you’re still playing honestly. The role of patrolling mountain streams is to expand the advantages for those students who are good at shooting. It is not a routine routine, so it requires a certain amount of marksmanship.

After we lived out of the Impalas town, the game officially began. Next, no matter how we retrench, our course of action must be as follows. Let us analyze why we must go this way.

There are no material points below the Lion City, and the wilderness of the desert is far less efficient than that of the island. We drove this route directly. We can avoid large-scale battles. Second, we can harvest in the wild. The little guys, these monsters are generally not double lens, and sometimes only the brush is (everything is always exceptional, there is no need to be too true). In the case that we are generally at least AKM, M16’s doubling mirror, it really makes no sense. The reason for being killed.

Then we come to the old industrial area. Here is a branch of our tactics. If The old industrial zone can be circled or circled. The main purpose is to stay away from the building. We must know that the enemy is attacking us in an open area. Whether it is a shot or a rifle, it is very dangerous. I shudder. Drive on the plain, whoever shoots at me and die, and then use this psyche to go straight to the side of the card, and then take away the guys who are running around in a panic.

The second branch point is the old industrial circle outside the circle (Figure)

In this case, we need to go to the trigeminal junction near Picado and then turn from this three-way intersection to where you need it. Then follow the above scheme.

This attacker at first glance is contrary to common sense, but in reality it is The use of a single row of LYB BUGs to force those who are not in good spirits to show up and then break them one by one. The reason for choosing in an open space is if someone attack us in a very hidden place (like a house). The enemy will not take the time to find him, but if the guy attacking us is exposed above the open plains, I believe it must be him who will die first. Therefore, we prefer to go around the lion city to avoid the first wave of the big melee, until the staff decrees after shaking out, this time the enemy density has been very low, this time driving patrols will not be the first time to interrogate.


1. How to deal with airdrops, our attitude toward airdrops is, “We don’t want to airdrop, but no one wants to take it. “Drive directly around the airdrop to do circular motions, whoever has ideas to do it.”

2. Weapons are mainly rifles and M4 is , Use up to 4 times the lens, do not attack.

3. How many smoke bombs do you have? For chicken, the fifth lap is very important, but in a single row, many people like to hold a sniper rifle, and smoke bombs can alleviate such crisis to the greatest extent, but the timing of use is very important, it is best to also There are less than 5 people left to use. Because there are too many people, smoke bombs are equal to telling everyone to beat me.

4. The most important thing! Learn to “park in the sideways direction”. This game is hard and straight when you get off the bus. Do not face the enemy in the direction of the driver’s cab, but you may be swept away by others when you just got out of the vehicle.

The above is the whole content of this set of Impala town patrolling the mountain. Victoria-set, his innovative tactics tactics to be invincible.

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