PUBG Mobile guide Don’t panic when you are in danger, calm response is king

In the stimulating battlefield, sniper, strafing, spraying, vehicles, and various defeats tragedies occur every day. I don’t know if this is the case for novices. They found an enemy far behind. Then they fired him a shot and did not kill him. Then they started to walk around with various snakeskins, and then you hit the snakes and fired them one after another. At the end, they found more and more enemies, then suddenly “Hey,” you fell to the ground. On the other hand, on his own side, suddenly suddenly a bullet flew in the distance, and no matter how he ran, the enemy’s bullets were like long eyes and they hit one after another on your ass. Then we finally ran After a bunker, I thought I was ready to make a bag and run again, but suddenly I didn’t know where I came from. Why is the difference between novice and expert’s result in the same situation?

The attack is an issue that is difficult for players to avoid. Whether it’s driving on the road or collecting information in the room area, the voice channel may suddenly come up with “someone is there” followed by a burst of fierce exchange of fire. Then we How to deal with this attack?

First of all, from the perspective of the enemy To analyze, a viable sneak attack usually has the following elements: a good and open field of vision, a retreatable bunker, and a relatively long “gun line”. It may be better to understand the first two. We won’t say it for the time being, and the third may be stranger to new players. The so-called “gun line” is our firepower circle.

<123 The principle of the gun line

This is exactly Why do our new players always have a hard time killing enemies (Masters don’t have to look at this because you solve enemies with one shot, novices don’t have this kind of marksmanship) because when we don’t have a shot to kill an enemy, the enemy will Immediately began evasive action, and quickly moved to a nearby bunker, even using smoke bombs or vehicles to quickly withdraw, and we exposed our position, and other enemies who could easily be heard took away. The masters are never singles, they can quickly and strategically expand the firepower network to suppress us from all angles, thus locking up our escape maneuvering route. If the distance is not far, even the enemy will directly appear in its own firepower. Under the cover, we directly attacked our position and directly swept us hidden behind the bunker.

After being sneaked into the encirclement,

Once we know the means of the enemy, we can do the following to ensure the survival of the team to the utmost:


1. Don’t panic! Don’t panic! Don’t panic! Remember, the enemy doesn’t have a blow Spike you, in fact, has failed half, we have to do the following points: First, keep moving, but we must constantly change the course of travel; Second, immediately look at the upper right corner, understand the bullets and report to teammates Point, then let the teammates quickly find the enemy’s position; third, find the cover, and analyze the number of enemies, types of firearms Provide information effectively to teammates

Being supported by teammates After standing up to suppress the enemy assault

2. Teammates find out After the enemy, do not try to find a bunker, but to immediately suppress the enemy, to provide their injured teammates packed time, where the fire suppression is the most important thing is to give the enemy psychological pressure, so that they can not focus on targeting Kill, so that we can gun teammates have the greatest possible survival.

3. If the player can play the gun, Rapidly full of energy, full energy can add 6.2 movement speed, and high-speed return to the blood, sometimes the chance of anti-killing can be exchanged for more shots.

4. Once teammates suppress the firepower on the opposite side, be sure to remember to quickly search for a bunker. Otherwise, the enemy will adjust the shooting angle after the form May be reversed

5. Smoke bombs in the desert Or plains, this thing is the simplest and most effective solution, but other Raiders will not tell you that the smoke bombs will make your hatred very high, and then you may face the same blizzard. The offensive, so in the brief security time in the smoke, the team pointed Xie must formulate the next tactical policy, otherwise it is very likely to extinguish the team

Breaking the Encirclement 0 Reducing the Killing

6. Not recommended, but valid, that is, confirming that the other three players are not found quickly. Sell ​​your teammates to evacuate, or use your teammate’s box to pick up the opponents in the box. However, this will damage the unity. You can choose this style when you are playing black.

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