PUBG Mobile guide Learn this and double the survival rate!

There is one in 100 to eat chicken. PUBG Mobile stimulates the battlefield to be a survival game. The player who beats has nothing to do with the ability to eat chicken. It is the real winner that survives until the end.

Only if they are alive and qualified to compete for the throne of the first, then we How to improve your survival rate? This time, you will elaborate on survival skills in four areas.

First, select skydiving location

The fewer people there are, the more likely it is to survive. Everyone knows that the equipment usually used in such places as P City, Airport, N Hong Kong, G Hong Kong and nuclear power plants is better, so there will be many people who will be able to survive and it will be relatively difficult to survive. However, this depends on the route of the aircraft. If these places are far from the route, skydiving is difficult to reach, so there are very few people. The suggested tips here are to be able to fly to these places first, and to fall as fast as possible when landing. Next to the road, search for nearby vehicles and drive to your destination.

In this way, it is possible to search for better equipment and meet people Relatively few, then the probability of survival is still very large.

2. Select the appropriate equipment

The opening begins with one hand and the equipment rests on the cymbal. The better the equipment, the less difficult it is to survive. However, good equipment can be met without demand, then we have to choose the best match from the equipment we have found to help them survive.

From the point of view of the firearms, the best match is naturally the rifle and sniper rifle. Among them, the rifle is equipped with a low-powered lens and the sniper rifle is a high-powered mirror. In this way, whether it is near-, medium-, or long-distance combat, the combat effectiveness is the best. of. However, the probability of a shotgun and a submachine gun encountering is usually high. If the best thing is for a submachine gun, then it is the combination of a rifle and a submachine gun. Then there is a rifle plus a shotgun and a submachine gun plus a shotgun. It can be seen that the combat distance is also gradual. Zoom out.

Then throwing a weapon, the grenade and the burning bottle can be more than a few. There is a great deal of difficulty in flushing rooms and combating enemy positions at midrange distances; smoke bombs can be one or two, and smoke bombs can play well when they are discovered by the enemy to go to the next bunker. Protective effects.

3. Grab the Best Opposition Point

As the safe area continues to shrink, we must choose one after the next safe area. The best place and grab it as soon as possible.

In general, the house is the best point of operation, and the double-storey building is the best choice because there is only one entrance at the second floor, but the exit does have Many, at the same time, have the advantage of commanding heights and are easy to defend. The only thing that needs to be guarded is throwing weapons such as grenades.

In addition, there are places where stones and trees are used as bunkers. Many players like to squat after finding a bunker. If there are a lot of grass around, it would be okay. If not, it would be better to squat. Because squats move slowly, it’s cumbersome to avoid them when they are discovered by behind or side enemies.

When encountering a terrain without bunkers, if it is an old map, There will usually be grass on the ground, so it will be more safe to carry it. If it is a new map, the topography will fluctuate, and if it can occupy a commanding height, the terrain itself can serve as a cover when it is lowered or retreated.

4. How to deal with an attack

When attacked without seeing the enemy, it is necessary to quickly accomplish three points:


1 Observe the small map and determine the enemy from the gunshots appearing on the map

2 Determine the distance from the shot If the voice is small and single shot, the distance is relatively long. If the voice is louder and it is shot continuously, the enemy is very close.

3 Determine if there is a bunker around yourself and go immediately The nearest one.

If the enemy is very close, do not hesitate to judge the position , make a counterattack immediately, because the distance is too close, the probability of success is very small ; and if the enemy is a long distance, you can first go to the nearest bunker with an S-shaped route, the reason is not to fight back immediately because the enemy is farther Targeting is more difficult, and the enemy has a double lens, and it is also a precursor attack. It is more difficult to win.

After watching these tricks, have you been eager to try to open the exciting battlefield? ?Hurry!

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