PUBG Mobile guide You have been surrounded by me! Practical analysis of single offensive small buildings

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield,” attacking the building is a technical activity that has rushed into the red, as it is likely to be overwhelmed by enemies in an unknown corner of the building. It is not advisable to stay alone, because the initiative may be handed over to the enemy. So how do we attack small buildings in the face of single or multiple people? Here we break down the key points for everyone from two actual battles.

Screen One

In R123, we searched from the north and suddenly found a target, but the target moved. Faster, failed to knock down. Then we chose to descent down to its hiding house.

The footsteps of another target appeared on the right side of the house when it was close to the house. At this time, we could not confirm the position of the previous target. Therefore, we chose to use a grenadier to test and wait until we confirm the position of the enemy before attacking again. Through the window of the enemy position we decided that the enemy in the room should have been maimed by us. Then we chose to solve the first goal with the help of the second floor foes.

The corner found a corner enemy instantly. After a quick knockdown, we turned to pull the field of vision in the direction of the enemy in the previous room. The footsteps determined that the opponent had jumped off the building.

At this point we use the wall to catch the opponent’s field of vision and quickly withdraw the wall to easily defeat the second enemy. This successfully defeated two opponents.

Screen Two

We found two enemies in the near-point building in the fake garage in the bungalow area. Then we drove and watched if the adversary would go downstairs before going upstairs.

After the blast bombs were thrown into the two windows and the blast bomb was about to explode, we quickly rushed to the second floor.

One of the two targets was throwing a grenade and the other was “eyes without a god” looking ahead. Nothing was discovered before we reached them. Without saying anything and everything, the blood did not fall and it was easy to beat the opponents.


Detailed Analysis

Details 1 : Never enter the house rashly

From the above two screen shots in two, we It can be understood that, if it is impossible to simultaneously confirm the position of the building and the enemy, as far as possible, avoid directly entering the interior of the house. Observe the wall corner to prevent opponents from turning around the window.

Detail II: Voice Attack

In the face of multiple enemies, it is necessary to find ways to create a 1V1 environment. It is very unwise to face the firepower of multiple enemies at the same time.

Detail 3: It is important to throw a weapon

We used a grenade in the first screen, not only succeeded in achieving the effect of striking the west, but also The successful destruction of enemies in the building created a chance of 1V1 for us to defeat the enemies outside the building. In the picture two , with the blinding effect of the blast bomb, when we entered the enemy, the target could not even see us and was easily defeated by me.


In general, a single-person attack on a house is more active than passive. Especially in the face of multiple enemies, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid premature entry into the house and lose the advantage of the external vision, and master the external initiative so that you can complete more than one dozen wonderful operations in the game.

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