PUBG Mobile guide is not only great wisdom, small tips can also eat chicken

In a large number of Raiders, there are many discussions about tactical strategies, such as when to run a poison, how to get stuck, where to get stuck, how to attack a building, and so on. However, besides those “wisdoms” above, there are few Raiders that seem to summarize tips for everyone. Today, I’ve brought some tips .

1. When you can’t beat the gun with someone outside the house, you can turn to the corner and immediately turn and kill. Because when you turn and flee, your opponent will be relieved to face us. It is very likely that the carbine would be caught off guard, and it would be better to eat with the New Year’s Gun.

2. The roof of some houses in P City is The specific method is to find a house with a guardrail on the second floor, jump to the guardrail first, and then use the guardrail as a springboard to jump to the roof of the nearby house.

3. The system’s default sensitivity is 95. If we want to play 180 turns, we must adapt to 100 sensitivity.

4. Jump from the second floor and kill the downstairs The person is very handsome, and the enemy is not good to hit us, but after landing, it is not necessarily.

5. The muzzle is silenced in order from good to bad , Compensation, flame suppression, the last few laps have a very large silencing effect.

6. Geely service! Please get rid of our pan and sub-weapons after getting this thing. The real ninja needs to meet the environment. Blend. As the saying goes: Searching for a city is not as good as waiting for someone.

7. Local dinosaurs pay attention, 3Dtouch is the real Physical hanging. What handles are all evil ways.

8. For classmates who will not press the gun, The gun is in constant firing, the finger is falling evenly, pay attention to the two words “continuous fire” and “uniform speed”, only when these two conditions are met, our operation can be called a gun, many people are unable to bear it. Because the psychological quality is not good, it is very panic and cannot control the movements of the fingers well.

9. Shooting is more accurate than shooting at 35 meters, but sometimes killing is not just about accuracy.

10. Everyone already knows the skills of skydiving This will not be detailed here. There is also an operation called “dangling”: after the parachute is continuously pushed forward, and then wait for the characters to accelerate and release. Repeating this process continuously allows us to fly further after opening the parachute. You may wish to try it. .

11. There are only two things that can kill us One is a poisonous circle, and the other is an enemy. So please do not innovate other ways of death on your own.

12. How to master the fighting rhythm? In one word, don’t stay behind a bunker during the fight.

13. “If you want to be strong, it is very simple. Jump to the airport on the line. “A trump player said so.

14. If your backpack is full, then The eight-fold mirror we have equipped cannot be switched with other mirrors in the bag, because the eight-fold mirror takes up more space than other mirrors, so space reservation is very important.

15. If we frequently watch the live broadcast, we will find that Some anchors will never take the blame. Because those anchors can do 4/8 times pressure guns, so 4/8 times the sensitivity of the mirror is adjusted higher, but the high sensitivity is not easy to aim, so it will be.

16. We will not be able to look sideways and our rank may be Platinum is cut off because the sideways shots reduce the area of ​​exposure to the enemy and reduce the probability that we will be killed when we fire.

17. All the gyroscope pressure guns are not suitable People, for example, I like to play games lying down, and the gyroscope is very difficult to accept.

18. In the case of the following platinum, please do not Go to embarrassment, because “out of embarrassment, always have to return”, the opportunity to practice marksmanship in the low position is very rare, in the low position when LYB will definitely affect your understanding of this game.

19. Be sure to take smoke bombs when playing in multiple rows. Your teammate has poured you a smoke bomb to save her and he may fall in love with you instantly

20. Two-finger operation can really be a trump card, the principle is to use red dots full matchM4, and then immediately put their heads on the three-finger and four-finger show. However, the average player still honestly play three fingers.

I do not know whether the above tips have given us some inspiration. 123> If you can get good reviews, there will be a second play in the future!

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