PUBG Mobile guide Quiet drop, do not shoot! Sniper tips summary

As soon as the sniper hears this word, what appears in the mind of the big guy is a variety of breath-taking images, a picture of a head . In stimulating the battlefield on this hardcore mobile game, the description of the sniper can be said to be very much restored. However, many players stated that sniper rifles are too difficult to use, and that they cannot do so ~ Don’t be afraid! This is a great summary of sniper knowledge for everyone today.

First, we must first ask ourselves a question: why do we take it? The sniper rifle The answer is very simple. First, avoid unpredictable risks brought about by close exchanges of fire; Second, improve the efficiency of killing, avoid the problem of prolonged confrontation and be “perceived”; third, it is very The important point is that it is “cool.”

1. A sniper rifle is an artifact that increases the probability of eating chickens, but increasing the probability does not necessarily mean that it is inevitable.

2. Sniper rifle Open The gun must have a headshot of , so if you are not confident about your headshot brother, please give your 98K (pan) to other teammates

3. Connect the article. If you can’t burst your head, enclose the smoke at the high-end enemy. It is possible to pack directly into the car and even counterattack.

4. You can’t beat the dead and you can’t beat your head, you’re very happy. Maybe someone has touched your ass.

5. Many attackers believe that if they get AWM, they will be banished for thousands of years. As a result of most of the results, forget to run poison/kill one packet and take it away.

6. The biggest advantage of a sniper is that you don’t shoot, and it’s hard for the enemy to find you, unless you’re stupid.

7. The biggest disadvantage of snipers is that you only have to shoot. Everyone starts looking for you right now.

8. The sniper’s standing equipment is generally a plus one automatic rifle, so please give your teammates such things as

9. Landing 98K is a curse, don’t be happy too early

10. Why an anchor can be walked sideways , I can not? Because you useless peripherals (good peripherals sealed)

11. As long as there is a flaw in your heart, AKM can use an 8x mirror to use

12. When you are in the middle of a big dogfight, you should not blindly shoot the enemy and prioritize the number and position of the enemies.

13. The sniper’s most advantageous game is the shooting of 1V1 standing piles. In this state, you M16 shot my head 40 blood, I 98K a shot and you die. This is an advantage.

14. The sniper’s most important psychological quality is patience. , not playing with patience

15. Do not be superstitious and pulling To tie it, this stuff is sometimes even worse than UMP9

16. In the finals circle, there was a stupid who suddenly came out and ran and settled. He was

17. Arrows can hold 4x lens, and the headshot instant seconds, comes with silencer, hardcore attack player knows

18. In reality, there are people who hate to attack players. So, even if you are very powerful, don’t be too arrogant

19. The bullet is a parabola. When shooting at a very distant target, the position of the sight is above the target, commonly known as “lifting the gun”.

20. For the vision of a novice player, the overwhelming goal is to use the technique that does not “raise the gun”.

21. When VSS is used, it is not necessary to think about the headshot issue. When the chest hits it, the bullet will float to the head.

22. Single-row play狙 单 单 单 单 单 单 单 单 单 < < <

23. If you have a fixed team, 98K is often the key to the battle between the two sides, and the critical presence of the rear security.

24. The single person was stuck outside the donut When a person is on the gun or is stuck, 98K can solve the problem well

25. In many cases, it is the eternal pain of a sniper that kills people but does not find them.

These are some of the sniper’s related knowledge. I hope to help. Everyone, there is one more thing, that is, what kind of strategy do you want to see? You are welcome to speak in the commentary area. I will tag you with eightfold lenses!

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