PUBG Mobile guide Jedi Island flat finals deal with chicken

In the PUBG Mobile: Map of the Jedi Islands to stimulate the battlefield, the refresh rate of the flat finals is very high. Many players said that the top ten is actually very simple, but once they reach the finals, they do not know how to deal with it. Will explain to you the correct handling of the finals in the flat.

[Topographic Analysis]

The bunker in the finals of the flat is very scarce and one can only look down at a meadow. The grass is the only entity that can conceal the player. So this final round is more suitable for sneak combat.

Equipment Savings

Final Round Brush To the ground, sniper rifles are rarely used in this terrain, especially for single-shot sniper rifles such as the Kar98k. It is difficult to kill the enemy with one shot but exposes their position.

The more practical firearms in the flat area are submachine guns and rifles. Assault rifles have a fast rate of fire and once they are preemptive, they rarely give the enemy an opportunity to respond.

The rifle has a high comprehensive capability and is suitable for long-range and long-range operations, even though the rifle is shot. The speed is less than submachine guns, but the power is still very considerable, especially the 7.62 bullet rifle, the power is very large, but the muzzle jitter is more serious, requires the player to have gun technology in order to maximize its power.

The final round of magnification is mainly low magnification sights, red dot sights and holographic sights are the best.

[Material stocks]

Throwing weapons is extremely crucial. In the flat finals, having sufficient throwing weapons will greatly increase your chicken consumption rate.

Fragmented grenades. Once you find that there are few remaining enemies in the final round, and the player has not yet found the enemy’s position, throwing fragmented grenades is the best choice.

First, fragmented grenades do not expose your specific location, but also have ranged attacks. effect.

Secondly, the fragment grenades will make the enemy uneasy and the movement of the fragments will be easily found.

Finally, the player should not throw the fragmented grenades at random. The first goal is to have a bunker in the flat finals. Because there are bunkers, the enemy has a great chance of ambushing.

Smoke bomb. The flat field finals have a wide field of vision. Once the player is found to be almost impossible to escape, the smoke bomb can well obscure the enemy’s vision and help the player to escape smoothly.

Burning bottle. Wide range of attacks and great power, mainly used to force the enemy to expose the location.


1. The plain finals have a wide field of vision. Once the player walks upright, he will immediately be exposed and become The public enemy of many players, so that players try to bend as far as possible, but also if necessary, go forward.

2. The volume of the game should be increased as much as possible so that the enemy can The advancing voice player clearly hears.

3. We must pay special attention to the large grass. Players like to hide themselves in the big grass ambush.

4. Do not shoot immediately after seeing the enemy. After killing one person, it will cause the enemy’s attention, and the player’s subsequent actions are almost impossible.

5. It is not appropriate to drive the vehicle in the finals. The range of the finals is very small, it is easy to drive out of the safe area, and the second vehicle can reveal your whereabouts.


The flat finals are suitable for stalking Combat, if you want to successfully eat chicken in this kind of finals, “Endurance” is extremely critical!

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