PUBG Mobile guide What are the “feelings” of the gods?

The stimulating battlefield has been in service for a long time. More and more young friends have joined the big family stimulating the battlefield, and many small friends who have been brought in by the great God Amway have discovered their own gods. Friends are too much better than themselves, the same gun, in the hands of friends with the “laser gun” which refers to where to fight, hit himself, playing a shuttle does not know where the enemy is. Every time the big god suddenly shoots a gun, you haven’t found where the enemy is yet. The great god has already defeated the horse. Every time when he is attacked, the great god can always find the position of the enemy and then fight back, and he himself Every time the head squirrels hit the same headless fly, they looked in the direction of someone just shooting, but they couldn’t see a figure. Then they were big gods and they eliminated the enemies behind them. As the green smoke rises, we only discover the position of the enemy.

At this time, our minds will always rise to admiration for the Great God. Then we add friends, close the door, and ask questions. Then the answer is “Nothing, I feel it…. “If you want to play more, it’s fine to play.” Then he began to practice hard. However, many times he had no requirements. He tried desperately but could not progress. The skepticism was not whether the “great god” deliberately did not teach us. In addition to this, many times, we browse through various kinds of teaching on the Internet. When we do it ourselves, we find that it is not the same thing. Other experts still feel that many articles are not well-written, often in the comments area. Ask questions.

In fact, the culpability of all this is not on the “great god”. The reason for this problem is that in our brains, our experience can also be understood as a memory in a broad sense. It is mainly divided into memorable and unstateable memory. The memory that can be stated is well-understood, that is, what we can convey to our friends (for example, there is a player who eats chicken today, how to wrap it, how to wrap it, and finally kill a few). Not to state that memory is interesting, for example, can you tell me how people stand up? Use those muscles? This kind of problem is difficult to answer except for professionals, because in fact, after we learn He summed up the memory of being unstateable, and it was difficult for masters to tell practical skills.

Here we give you a concept called myelin, which can insulate the neural circuit with insulators. The thicker the myelin and the stronger the insulation, the more coordinated the lines are, and the more precise our movements and thoughts are. And agile, this can be said to be our feeling. Myelin also regulates speed and occasionally slows down the rate of signal transmission to ensure that they reach the synapse at the best moment.

Myelin is not inherent and he needs to It takes a lot of concentration to train and grow, and it constantly grows by making mistakes and correcting mistakes. To put it plainly, what you need to grow is stimulation. For example, we have a game that eats chicken and we feel very annoyed. It’s a pity. , And knowing deeply what I should do in that situation, under the stimulation of this state of mind our myelin can grow, but blindly eating and no stress is not in every sense. Make you stronger.

At the same time, we must also know one thing. Many times we always think that experts say The Raiders came out to be more persuasive, but science proved not to be the case. Only those who are learning can clearly describe the skills, because he knows the principles, but he has not yet mastered them. Once they reach the point of convergence, the brain will Converting this ability into an unstateable memory prevents him from continuing to spread, which is why many times a word can make some people treasure, while others feel that it is nonsense.

This pain is the most urging

However, no matter what the science says, the conclusion is that we need to constantly concentrate on doing one thing repeatedly, and we constantly experience failures, setbacks, and corrections. Only in this way can we become stronger. Then according to today’s analysis, we recommend one of the most practical strategies: Multi-hop Airport / P City / G-Gang. Frustration can make you grow, and you can only make you miss the chance of growing up. I hope that everyone will practice more and become the god of their own!

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