PUBG Mobile guide Water City Area Interpretation! Key Building and Point Analysis

There is a unique terrain in the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus”, which resembles Water City “Venice”. It is located in the water city north of the center of the island map. I believe many players know little about this place. However, in many cases, it is not a good idea to settle in front of other enemies. It is not a good idea to settle in Watertown. Today, we have brought you an interpretation of key areas in Shuicheng. Let’s take a look.

Point Overview

Watertown is located on the island North of the map center. Backs on the river, close to the ruins. Because it is located in the eastern part of the large resources point R city and school, so the position is not very conspicuous. And on the map ruins This location has names, but Shuicheng does not have an official standard name, so It is easily overlooked by most players. Because of the surrounding schools and the presence of R City, the chance of Shuicheng encountering opponents is even smaller.

Architectural Overview

The Shuicheng building is relatively single and the main building is a private house. There are both single and double-storey buildings, but mainly double-storey buildings. The distribution of houses is more uniform, but because of the topography, the speed will slow due to the presence of water when moving in the middle of the area. The highway on the north side passes by and the traffic is more convenient.

<123 The key points

Of course, no matter how unpopular The resource points, there will always be opponents who have encountered the same idea. If we encounter enemies in Shuicheng, what key buildings should we pay attention to? ?

The key points are

There is a double-storey fake garage located southeast of Shuicheng. The terrain is relatively high and the surrounding area is relatively empty. Selecting a card point here can get a good view, and even the opponent wants to touch because of the terrain. Over there, we can’t hide because of the lack of bunkers around us, and we can easily stand up against our opponents in the interior of the building. Single multiplayer rankings are suitable.

Key points two

There are three blues in the west of Shuicheng. Double-storey building, high ground, in a multi-person group, three buildingsIt is enough for many people to hide. Because of the good visual field, it can effectively defend multiple directions and easily suppress enemies in the inner area of ​​Watertown. The single-player mode is not recommended because the three buildings are mutually exclusive and easy to be seized by opponents.

The key points are three

The terrain is independent and it is located away from the water city. Garage room with a certain distance. The building is located in the northeast of Shuicheng, which is divided by the highway and several qualified passes. The surrounding environment is open, backed by the river, facing the highway, and there is a garage with a large number of brush trucks in the building. Whether it is a card point gun or finding a running circle is a very good card point location. Especially around the open, opponents want to attack a lot of difficulty, can be easily defended against the classic point.

In fact, the above-mentioned three major points can be seen as a feature that is relatively independent, and is located at the edge of the location. Selecting these points can easily avoid the threat from multiple directions and easily stress the enemy in the area. . The preferred card point location is recommended on the third position.

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