PUBG Mobile guide Eat chicken with sister! You can never stop talking about it!

In the game, we often encounter various sisters, but some brothers will not chat with sisters at all, or they will not take the opportunity to chat at all. In the stimulating battlefield, the only opportunity to have a good chat with her sister is to use her valuable time to catch the heart of her sister when she is cheating. This is the core idea of ​​our article today.

I do not know if you have encountered such a situation, obviously The game added a sister friend (even the severe point of the WeChat will be there) but there is no reason to chat and chat, why? Nothing, but you simply will not chat, do not say your Hard conditions (looks, money, status), because they are just talking for a day, there is no need to refer to so many things, do not think so complicated.

First of all, let me talk a few negative examples. I have personally experienced it. After teaching a sister who had a good relationship with me, she did not play the game. Then she met 3 black. After the game was over, she added a friend and chatted.

The typical

Many boys love to step on the following few thunder District, perhaps your behavior in your friends may make you look very powerful, or very interesting, but strange sisters do not think so completely, these minefields are:

1. Self-talk, completely disregarding the feelings of sister

2. If you speak without a sense of proportion, you will be forced to draw closer. If you do not know, you think that you are a rogue

3. In the face of sister Formerly admiring vanity and love, you have to refute whatever you say, and you understand everything.

It’s not like all the girls have encountered the above three men. , but as a man, I did encounter such a full-fledged man of “forcibly sister” and finally made a speech.

Rejecting chatter

But as a man, Actually, this intention is only due to her love for her sister, but she is reluctant to admit her own weak feelings. Therefore, she is proud of herself, but this is nothing to be desired, because she will not care for you. Little proud. Next we will talk about several correct coping skills. Of course, the actual situation is not the same, but the spirit is understandable. The train of thought can be used for reference. I hope everyone can improve it.

Steps 3 steps:

1. It is difficult to greet everything at the beginning. In fact, when boys open their mouths to the sister, they always want to give each other an amazing first. Impression, in fact, does not use, the most important thing is that people are not familiar with you. . . How to fight with a stranger? Hello enough, don’t try to start a bunch of opening remarks, sister does not care, and will feel annoying you.

2. Find the topic and observe the time of the card point Generally speaking, it is 10 to 15 minutes. We must seize this time to open conversations with our sister. When chatting with my sister, it is the responsibility of our lords to find topics. So please do not wait for the sister to speak. When it comes to topics, straight men are full of things like movies, books, hobbies, travel, etc. But you have to know that these things are external, and maybe there will be no overlap, for example; “You see Women’s Federation “Was it 3?” “What is Women’s Federation 3?” Is there an instant squeak?! So this topic, don’t choose to be outside! Who are you talking to, sister? Then you have to find a topic in her and talk about it. Her own, with some praise, no one would hate words of praise, as long as it is moderate. The core purpose is to induce sisters to speak their own values.

3. To eliminate wariness, we have only one purpose to chat in this card point, that is, after the game can become friends, it is best to be able to contact. However, when adding friends/contact methods, it is inevitable that the sister will ask two questions:

Why: Why do you add my friend / Contact me

What to do: What do you want to do with my friend / Contact me

So, before the sister asks these two questions, tell him the answer. In fact, the so-called answer, sometimes the sister is actually a good impression on us, such as some brothers sound particularly good, and will sing, this time the sister could not persuade themselves to believe you, she just needs a reason to push it.

Many people will find it very troublesome to see here, but I want to say that it is cool. Think about it, if you have no reason to contact your sister everywhere, how does the sister think: This person is very casual, that is, like to play with her sister, may not attempt to deter.

There is also a situation where you add a sister, but when you call the sister, the girl does not reply to you. This time, you should say something to the straight man. Do not make a series of questions. When there is no reply, Do not say anything like “What is it?” “Ask you something then”. We are men. We have principles. We can afford to let go. In fact, let’s just think about it. The sister did not reply to you. In fact, there are only three reasons for the following: 1. Did not see 2. Seeing did not want to return 3. Seeing how to think back. So your needless urging will only make you look naive.

In the end, I hope that all the men and women of the iron and steel community will give up their dedication and be gentle to their sisters and find their true love as soon as possible.

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