PUBG Mobile guide The Gospel for Novice Players

In PUBG Mobile: In the exciting battlefield, novice gamers will inevitably fall into a box of embarrassing situations when they first touch this game, even Because of some of the basic knowledge of , today brings to everyone .

[Almighty Small Map]

The minimap in the game is very important. It not only allows players to know where they are in the game, but also predicts The dynamics of the enemies within range, so it is important to watch the mini-maps at all times.

The shooting signal is displayed in the small map, indicating that an enemy nearby has opened fire. The gunshot predicts the general position of the surrounding enemies. For the novice player, the gun is not a correct practice. After understanding the position of the enemy, you can avoid engaging with the enemy.

Another bullet mark is the meaning of the silencer firearm. To avoid, the player’s combat style with a silencer is usually sneak. Even if the player wants to go with him, he will not find his specific position and may be ambushed by the enemy.

Carriers and footsteps are believed to be familiar to players. In the face of footsteps, the most sensible approach is to ambush, because the ambush will make their own footsteps disappear in the small map, so opponents panic. It is found that the vehicle sound is as far away as possible because the vehicle itself has a high defense force and it is difficult to use the gun to scan the moving vehicle. Not to mention the opponent who hits the vehicle . Not only that, once you are caught by the enemy, you may be able to hit you with a vehicle, which is very dangerous. It is recommended that new players players find the vehicle as far as possible to avoid direct attack on the vehicle , found that the enemy to get off before shooting, safe For .

Hear or appear on the map The glass smashes the sound, indicating that there are enemies in your vicinity. At this point, the player should pay attention. The fainter representation of the small icon indicates that the farther the distance is, the brighter the icon is, the closer the distance is.

Selection of Firearms

PUBG Mobile: The most practical way to stimulate the battlefield is to choose the firearms. Many novice players love the sniper rifle, especially the single shot sniper rifle. They like the feeling of death but single shot sniper rifle. The use of difficulty is high, and it is difficult for novice players to master the sniper rifle. Therefore, it is not recommended that the player use the sniper rifle as the main weapon.

The most suitable for novice players is the rifle gun, the practicality of the rifle is very strong, more suitable for long-range shooting, for novice players in terms of rifle is the highest price.

[Strategic Operation]

Although gunslings are very important in the exciting battlefield of PUBG Mobile: good tactical operations can completely compensate for the flaws in marksmanship. For the novice, the most practical tactic is stealth operations.

Stalking is to make the player avoid confronting the enemy and take ambush as the main tactic. Because novice players are flawed in marksmanship and reaction consciousness, stealth operations can avoid their own weaknesses and kill the enemy invisible.


Understanding the above basic knowledge of newbies will allow players Chicken’s chicken technology goes one step further !

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