PUBG Mobile guide You have to express please check! More people ranked blocking card position detailed!

In the island map of “PUBG Mobile Stimulus”, blocking bridges can be said to be one of the fiercest battles in the game, but many players have failed to master some skills, resulting in blocking of bridges. Success may even be that “Steals chickens without eclipsing rice.” Today, we have provided detailed explanations for the bridge card point method that links military bases to island maps.

The origin of blocking bridge

The military base can be said to be a point of great enthusiasm for many big players. It can go from a military base or go out. The players basically searched for “Pot”, and because the military base was close to the edge of the map, it was not always a safe area, so players at the military base needed to turn to the safe area. Of course, players of the of never quit, and therefore the phenomenon of “robbing the rich and reducing poverty” often appears on the way to the withdrawal of military bases. The bridge naturally takes the lead. 123> is one of the key positions of .


Card point location

In the bridge,

This location should be one of the most used points for players. Because of the intermediate position, closer to the bridgehead, as long as there is a quadruple mirror can effectively attack the enemy on the bridge. And there is a box in front of the location and a scrap car is used as a cover behind it. Basically, it is possible to avoid the situation where the front and rear are attacked. However, it should be noted that this position is a test of the player’s ability to react, because the enemy who drives on the bridge often stops the car in this position after finding danger on the bridge. Therefore, it is inevitable to have a close encounter with the enemy. To get stuck in this position, then there must be quite good marksmanship and reflexes.

II. Qiaowei

Takahashi is also a player One of the locations where the card is in a higher frequency. Because of the location of the rear, the evacuation is relatively faster. However, because it is far from the bridgehead, if the bridge method is not very good, the opponent can easily drive through directly, so it is necessary to focus on the timing of the attack. However, it should be noted that this position

will be because the gunfire attracts the target at the rear, and is vulnerable to attack by the enemy behind it. Therefore, This location is bound to require teammates to look after the rear.

III. Both sides of Qiaowei >

On both sides of the bridge, it is generally difficult to pose a threat to enemies on the bridge, but in the multiplayer row Positioning a teammate can play a huge role. First of all, you can observe whether there are players swimming or driving in the river, and secondly, you can effectively control the enemy who steals from the bottom of the bridge. Especially in the multi-player rankings, it is easy for opponents to attack from the rear, so at least one teammate should be arranged at this position when appropriate, which can effectively ensure the safety of the entire team.

Since the bridge is a relatively open area, when the bridge was blocked, we It is not only necessary to pay attention to the enemy on the other side of the bridge, but also to ensure the safety behind itself. Therefore, in the multiplayer row mode, teammates must cooperate in blocking the bridge.

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