PUBG Mobile guide with sister dry goods, chat chicken and two correct

In the exciting battlefield, the most romantic thing is to eat chickens with your beloved sister. However, many sisters’ skills are not very good and we ourselves It’s not necessarily a good shot, but at this time, it needs a routine to help us. Another point that needs to be known is that in our tactics, eating chicken is only a byproduct. What we need is to survive as much as possible, and then try to create opportunities to chat with our sister. Because of the complexity of the actual situation, we are here to analyze with a real case.

First of all, we chose the small power station of the nuclear power plant to land. The reason why we chose here is because there is a great chance of fighting here, but the scale is not great, but it is very suitable to create a certain sense of tension. On top of that, equipment 2 individuals should be barely enough, and the great advantage of landing here is that it is particularly convenient to transfer. Once we get the vehicle, we can collect supplies along the way. When the first lap is finished, it should be Can get a more qualified equipment.

The second step is to find a place to pick it up. Under our shrinking circle situation, the air-raid shelter is the best choice because the air-raid shelter is surrounded by walls on all sides, and the entrance is very narrow and narrow. In this case, please take advantage of the invaluable 5 minutes counting down and lapping the circle. This will allow you to easily use the game as a breakthrough to open conversations with your sister. For example, ask how long you have been eating chicken. “”How do you feel about playing this game?” “Is there a friend to play around with you?” In short, I use the girl as the topic center, and then slowly learn about the girl through chat.

The third step, transfer, this time the importance of the car is reflected, because the delay in the chat can be completely compensated by your excellent car skills, by the way can also take the girl for a ride, staged a life and death belongs to you At speeds, there is a good location here, which is the high slope above the school. The view is wide and there is a shelter. It gives a sense of security (although not necessarily safe). At this time, the hut is the second If you don’t shrink the school circle in the chat room, then the toilet in the safe area is also a good place for you to be alone with your sister. It’s still safe, you can chat, and the enemy can be found in the footsteps.

Step 4: In the finals, many times in the finals are all fateful. If it is plain, it will mainly test everyone’s eyes and marksmanship. Because of the high technical content, many things cannot be used very well. Expression, so for the time being. Here I will focus on how to play in the final round of the room area. In the final round of the room area, according to common sense, the house is the safest, because the wall can help us to block the view and bullets of many enemies, but if you smash the house with your sister, the defects of the house will become very serious. Obviously, that is the timing of the transfer. This thing is very metaphysical. Many times, the younger sister will not keep up with us. If you smash the house in the finals, the psychological pressure will be very great, which is not conducive to creating a relaxed and pleasant chat atmosphere. Here we are. As far as possible to choose to lurk in the periphery of the housing area, the main advantage of lurking in the periphery is that the running circle is more free, and in the room we have to attack we need to consider a shooting angle problem, if you choose a good location. The survival rate is actually very high.

Sometimes we may be killed before my sister by mistake. Don’t leave the game, be sure to stay with your sister and stay with you. Only in this way can you let your sister relax and feel the fun of the game. Finally, in 520, I wish the world to have a lover who is happy and happy every day!

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