The PUBG Mobile guide will never do these things, and the fate of the final round will be checked.

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus”, I believe that many players have suffered a lot in the final round. Even in the earlier period, more materials were acquired in the mid-term and more enemies were killed. In the final round, due to some bad habits, the final defeat was caused. Today, we share our high-level experience for everyone. We can’t do the following things in the final round.

The bag is too

After a fierce battle, ammunition is supplied and medicines are picked up. This is what we must do. Things, and in the final round, the bag needs extra care. Because in the previous conflict with the opponent, the gunfire has already informed the opponent of our general position, so in the process of subsequent baggage not only must be fast, but also to ensure that in the bag while maintaining the moving state, left and right shaking. Do not stand can not stand or directly squat, otherwise it is easy for opponents to shoot a shot.

Continue to use sniper rifle

The sniper rifle’s charm is nothing wrong. The deterrence of the long-distance range is also unmatched by general firearms, but at the time of the final round, the sniper rifle can be knocked down by an opponent’s rifle if it cannot be shot. Of course if your sniper rifle can effectively attack your opponent if the opponent doesn’t find you, If the opponent confirms our position, rushing to use a sniper rifle will undoubtedly become an opponent. Live target. Therefore, in the finals, there is no full grasp, try to give up sniper rifles.

Continuing to assemble high-power lenses

High-power lenses can be said to be hot One of the premium accessories. However, in this close combat in the final round, the high magnification lens not only fails to demonstrate its superiority, but also because the shot zooms in on the target and cannot effectively attack the target in the close range movement before entering the final round. It must be remembered that changing the firearm to a red dot or hologram is more practical for close combat. Don’t be reluctant to do it, because at this time the high magnification lens has no effect.

Finalists vacant

Airdrops are A chicken player’s dream, may be able to open out from the inside AWM this baby. Of course, airdrops are divided into occasions. Especially in the case of crowds in the finals, rashly close to the airdrop can only accelerate the pace of being eliminated. Because at this time, the most eye-catching part of the entire circle was the airdrop. So in the final round, there are airdrops, so the best way is to stare, not to be lost in airdrops.

gambling ring

The ring of life, can be encountered without seeking. Many players have done this kind of thing, but have given up the early transfer. The follow-up to the “Day Scenario” was forced to lap, but was killed by the enemy in the security zone because the evacuation route was not well protected. So in many cases regardless of how the safe area is brushed, a good position is very important. Therefore, we must keep in mind that, regardless of the time, the finals must pay attention to the geographical location and the withdrawal method, hastily placed a bet, it is likely that opponents won the whole game.

In short, in the finals, whatever the situation, what Play, should not be lucky. Step by step, prudent for the first to improve their chicken rate !

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