PUBG Mobile guide novice special training!

For many newcomers who have just come into contact with the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the whole game process can be said to be very ! The gun will not be selected and the accessories will not be taken. Series problems will trouble many players for quite a long time. Today we have summed up some of the processes that novice players must go through and interpret the key points.

<123 Firearms groping

In the game, firearms The choice is the novice player’s number one issue. How do you select submachine guns, rifles, and sniper rifles? For novice gamers, the biggest difficulty in the game is actually the shooting. Because of the recoil of firearms, many players will not shoot guns. You will not aim at it, or you will not be able to aim at the target for one year. Therefore, it is recommended that novice players initially use rifles and submachine guns as their main weapons. Why is it necessary to use submachine guns? Novice players are one of the harder players to play long distances, so they can actually hit the middle distance, but before the technology transition, the submachine guns and rifles have nearly the same ability to perform at close range. , recommend novice players to abandon the sniper rifle, select the submachine rifle can be.

Key Settings

Keys are a key local. The setting of the system mode will greatly limit the improvement of our later operating space. Therefore, when you enter the game, you must learn to understand the position of the key and set your favorite key position, thus forming your own unique operation mode. . But be aware that seeing the keys of the gods or anchor players must not be imitated. Because everyone’s brain reflection and thinking are not the same, if you choose other people’s key settings, they can not adapt for a long time.

Rejecting multiple people

Finally, it is important to If you really want to improve your marksmanship, then it is advisable to have as few teams as you can. At least when you think you’re very dishy, ​​multi-person teaming doesn’t bring you any improvement. That’s why You can see that many players have five hundred or six hundred matches but this technique is always in the novice stage because you are relying on your teammates in every game, especially the sisters. You must match more than one person in order to get rid of the “Lying Chicken Girl” title. Teaming up with your friends will always have some big teammates to become your solid backing, help you up, and give you points without my medicine. This series of “concerns” will unconsciously make you unable to really compete with your enemies. Want to improve? There is no! So advise you novice players, if you really want to improve their skills, do not delay in the team, you first get used to single ranking! Set a small goal, more will not say, first How about platinum in a 100-person single player mode?

In the single row, there is no such thing as a teammate, and the game ends when you fall to the ground, so if there is no backing, you are backed by our own. “Survival Desire” will allow us to find a way to survive, which is why the single player mode is more test of player technology, and the multiplayer mode is more focused on cooperation.

Well, the above is a way to give some novice players a boost, especially the last one. , whether it is a novice or adorable sister all apply, and quickly enter the self-improvement link it !

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