PUBG Mobile guide Which is stronger in the desert?

The desert is well-known “Just Shot” , and is a test for player The marksmanship is characterized by multiple plains, hilly hills and little vegetation. This also made many players with poor marksmanship deter from the desert. In addition to these unlucky players, there are also many unwilling to play in the desert map. For no reason, they just need to adapt to the map. However, the desert and the island are shared. In addition, the view of the desert is excellent, and it is killed early and then dropped. In fact, the desert map played better than the island is not worse than poor, but many players can not find the way to get started with the desert, can only reluctantly cut love, continue to fight in the island with the LYB wits. Introduce a very practical desert tutorial for everyone today.

First of all, the choice of landing point is of utmost importance. The destination we choose here is the cave below the Lion City. The Lion City is a large resource point. If the route passes, it is definitely a Shura Field, but we are completely We can follow the giants of the Lion City to jump down, but our goal must be the vehicle rather than the house. Here we can boldly take anything and find a car directly. Even if it is discovered, many people just got their weapons and they have no sights. The relative lack of ammunition makes it difficult to catch up with us who drove away.

Rapid maneuvering to our destination mine cave, where we need to pay attention, in the formal service directly into an unnamed area, so here is the most fat the whole desert (relative to other hit In wild places, the safest place to play is because it is a one-way tunnel that basically eliminates the possibility of being killed in the distance, and if the enemy also comes in to play wild, then we can also judge through the footsteps. Kill the enemy’s position.

The cave is an unnamed area, although the resources are not as large as resources. Point, but equipped with 1 to 2 people is still more than enough, after the collection of equipment, you need to quickly determine the direction of movement in accordance with the contraction circle, for example, where our hero chose the sin – the mansion – the sewage plant’s route to the circle Heart forward.

Here is an analysis of why this route was chosen because the destination of the circle is mainly in the upper half so that we can move towards Axis and avoid the large troops coming out of the city. Sin City is also a resource point, but our route is to pass directly from the road outside Sin City, and the Sin City is backed by mountains. If we want to maneuver above the map, the mountain can help us block the enemy in the direction of Saint Martin. Without encountering enemies, we can set up cards in large mines to kill the enemies coming out of the Lion City.

Through this example we have found that this cave play has greatly reduced the pressure of our existence, and in the long-term maneuvering process, there are many places that we can choose to adhere to. It is very helpful for us to become familiar with this map. A lot of people start to use this method. We can guarantee that we can understand the topography of the desert without losing points, and we can constantly explore the timing and location of people.

The above is the way to use the unnamed cave in the desert. We are familiar with the desert map as soon as possible, away from the island LYB!

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