PUBG Mobile guide Never Stand Back, Team Mode Considerations

As the saying goes: “Details determine success or failure”. This phrase also applies to PUBG Mobile: Stimulus. Many players like the four-player team mode when playing the exciting battlefield, because the strategic and technical test of the team mode is much higher than other modes, which can bring more game experience to the player, so the team mode It is very popular among players. Here are the details of the four-player team model.

1. In the four-person team, the choice of landing location is crucial. Landing in big cities and towns has a very high chance of making a crossfire. Teammates are likely to fall into boxes and even get annihilated. Landed in some scattered houses, the quality of goods is not bad, and even each teammate has basic equipment and can not guarantee, so the choice of landing site is critical.

Stable Four-man team mode Available The first drop-down location is next to the vehicle, and then the four people drive the vehicle to the big town farther away from the initial fairway. This means that the early period will reduce the chance of early engagement and ensure that the team members have equipment problems and have the best of both worlds.

2. When four people search for supplies, the distance should not be too far apart, or two people should walk together, so when one When a person is ambushed, teammates can go to support at the first time. After all, if a player is knocked down after a multiplayer game, can be rescued by teammates .

3. The most important thing for multiplayer team mode is communication and communication. Everyone’s intelligence is instantly shared with teammates, allowing teammates to better understand the current battlefield pattern and take action after deliberation. In particular, when a player finds an enemy, he must first communicate with his teammates, whether to fire a shot, and do not obstinately because the team mode is a team game, and your impulse is very likely. 123> The entire team entered the precarious , which brought a crisis of destruction to the team. Team play must have team awareness.

4. Teamwork. When players are looking for the supplies they need, they must also pay attention to the supplies they need. This will speed up the formation of team equipment and allow the entire team to grasp the dominance of the battlefield earlier.

5. Assignment of visual field. The team model must know how to maximize the advantage, especially in the field of vision. After all, one person’s vision defect is still very serious. The four-player team player can give his teammates behind him and try his best to develop the team’s vision. Once you find yourself unable to resist the enemy’s firepower, you should quickly communicate with your teammates, request support from your teammates, and don’t let the area you are responsible for be captured by the enemy without your teammates knowing it.

6. Use of the vehicle. Team mode to find the middle four as far as possible not to open a vehicle, because this will be destroyed when the enemy by the car swept the entire team, open the two vehicles the best.

7. The player must know how to rack up the teammates, cover the fire and smoke. Guns and fire protection is to protect the safety of teammates and allow teammates to reach their destination. Sealing smoke is the use of smoke bombs to provide a safe environment for the team.


Each of the above small details determines whether the player can successfully eat chicken. I hope that players keep these small details in mind and not retire the team in the team mode. !

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