How can PUBG Mobile guide teammates destroy their lives?

I don’t know if there was any such situation when everyone scored, and teammates refused to communicate and then landed into a box, and they rushed out to make a difference, or teammates. There are no matches and strategies for each player to play. At this time, there may be a lot of small partners who want to have an explosion of mind. They are pit friends and teammates, and they stop me from scoring. Some even directly attack the Thunder to finish the next game, but I think You said that you missed an excellent opportunity to improve your level. You know that people are only highly concentrated (or high pressure) Is it time to accumulate so-called “muscle memory,” isn’t this the best chance? And it’s normal to beat it and lose, because there are 3 teammates, but won? Or eat chicken. Didn’t say much, enough to blow for a week.

So when you encounter a particularly bad teammate, the first thing is to stabilize your mind. Imagine why the anchor can be four rows in a row. We can’t, and the four-ranked host can often eat chicken.

After adjusting his mind, the next step is to quickly analyze the battlefield environment and confirm whether Safety, and the location of the donuts, plan your own route. If the poisonous circle is far away from you, you need to search for the vehicle quickly, because in the absence of teammates, long-distance raids in the plains are dangerous. I do not deny that even if you drive, you will be swept away by masters. However, driving can be extreme. Increasing the speed of your march in the earth can significantly reduce the chance of encountering your enemies. As a result, the direction of survival has improved.

If you are in the circle, or the safety zone is very close to us, then we can completely find a place to settle down on the spot, where we can tap and attack, and slowly develop. The advantage of finding the building is that we can choose whether to go to war. If the enemy is a Jeep with four three-level heads, it is not necessary to fire a gun. It is only necessary to let them go. If one or two people are miserable to run over, then we have this kind of enemy. To accept, and then in the ring when the card poison into the ring, so that you can maximize the development of their own safe conditions.

After solving the first important survival factor, we will have to face the second problem, that is, the transfer mentioned above. At this time, the role of a good headset is reflected. We must learn how to use the remaining number of guns. Intensity, to estimate the form of the battlefield, to determine the safest course of the march, in order to enter the circle as the highest priority, because the latter is very high damage, once you lose the rhythm of the lap, because there is no teammates, it must be Priority is given to entering the circle.

In the finals, the remaining enemies will generally not exceed 10, this time we will mainly encounter two kinds of situations: the team that the enemy is prepared for the large force is basically a lone wolf, or the vast majority of the organization is not complete. When there are three or more enemies, if they fall into a war situation, they must assist others in prioritizing the killing of large units. The reason is very simple, that is, when the wolf that has exchanged fire with a large army dies, we may next. Very passive, but compared with other lone wolf attacking a large unit, in the case of killing large forces, and then singled out with other lone wolf, so that the relative odds are much greater.

Finally, there is one more thing to note. In the exciting battlefield, no matter how good we are, the probability of eating chicken will never be 100%, there will be a variety of incredible enemies waiting for us, so lose in the case of teammates landing into a box, not too annoyed, with the best attitude to meet the next round of fighting is the king of points.

The situation is not terrible, and it is awful to give up, hoping that everyone will be in despair. None of them will give up hope and continue to hone themselves in plight and become the god of their own mind.

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