PUBG Mobile guide Drop Air? In the end, is it still wrong?

In the battlefield, players are most excited about Airdrop The time of the circle will be on the map to randomly refresh a supply box and drop it, which contains a variety of powerful equipment to reverse the war situation. This makes many players crazy pursuit of airdrop props, but often die due to poor technology. Air delivery or courier delivery after the airdrop was completed. The players gave these people a very welcoming name “Airdrops”, but the forest was so big that there was always something very persistent in the air. Fine, and using the equipment inside the airdrop to suppress, greatly increased the probability of eating chicken. Today, let us step into the inner world of “airdropping,” and learn how we can maximize the use of airdrops to eat chicken.

Desperate airdrops

One of the first things we need to know is airdrop In addition to providing us with supplies, we can provide information, because airdrops are sure to be cast in circles, so there will definitely be players who will fight and players will definitely be observing, so the airdrop area can be said to be a battle comparison. In a heated area, since there is fighting, there will be information. By listening to the sound, the type of the enemy gun can be identified, and then the number of enemies can be estimated. In combination with the remaining number, we can easily estimate the approximate position of the remaining people and use it. This information is to find the safest way for you to enter the circle.

From the above point, the ordinary people use the airdrop here. However, the goal of the “Air Drops” is to get an airdrop, and it will not go away like an ordinary person. You should know that near the airdrops are generally just the king of guns. If you don’t have confidence in your marksmanship, you won’t come to steal airdrops.

Here is a guide for everyone. What kinds of airdrops can be embarrassing? What kind of airdrop is definitely not to go ;

1. Airdrops that fall in the water cannot be taken because you have to take this airdrop and you have to wading. When we waded, we were a target and we couldn’t fight back. Most importantly, we were swimming. When the speed is very slow, in this case, it is very easy to lose the timing of the lap. It is not worth it to drop the tempo for the airdrop.

2. Airdrops near the room area cannot be taken. This is very easy to understand. Many players who see airdrops and drool often rush over in spite of the surrounding environment. They do not know that there are few ambushers in the room area. Only the team is staring at this airdrop. Even if we open the car and block the smoke, the super-powerful firepower can blow the vehicle away, so if you ambush it in the room area and you have determined that the film is cleared, Can only be considered.

3. Relative to the first two, more suitable for grabbing Airdrops are better off plains because the enemies are not concealed, so we can find the position of the enemy when we take airdrops, and the plains are more conducive to vehicle acceleration and snakeskin walking.

4. Don’t go to the airdrop with a bunch of people and communicate with your teammates. Make sure that your teammates can hold the gun well before the air drops.

5. There is also a very simple problem, that is, when you are airdropping, be sure to clear your backpack with more than 40 spaces. You can take the dropout first time, otherwise you can declare your death in the airdropping box.

The above are some tips for getting the drop. ,I hope to be helpful.

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