PUBG Mobile guide is lost to the donuts? It’s because you don’t know where the car is

I believe we all have the experience of fighting with the poisonous circle. The location of skydiving has not been found to be good enough to cause the entire game to run from beginning to end. The feeling of running a mouthful of medicine for two steps is absolutely unforgettable. Today, I arranged the location of vehicles for some important locations for everyone.

With the car you can attack and retreat to run, so you want to eat chicken, remember the location of the vehicle is essential, the following locations are more, so we look patiently, we can certainly help you.

First, the first place is in the direction of the farm to the military base, that is, the coast. Many times you brush up to the airport on the mainland mainland poison ring. At this time, you need a car to cross the bridge to save your life. There is a road on the coast in this direction, probably on the section of the road identified in my map. The map will be used here to brush two cars and a three-wheel drive. There is also a car at the junction near the right bridge.

The second location is the air-raid shelter. The air-raid shelter is also one of the places where the players like to go in a single row. When they come here or need to retreat from here, they can pay attention to the places marked on the map. There must be a car here.

The third location is a prison. The car in the prison is easy to find and easy to remember. Because it is a one-way exit, players just need to go to the prison exit. There is a jeep on the way to the exit, and there is also a car not far from the right front.

The fourth place is a nuclear power station, because the nuclear power station frequently brushes 98K is also a common place for players. There is a car on the left side of the nuclear power plant. It is easy to find here, as long as you open the map and see it.

The fifth place is a bungalow, which is a place where wild riders often pass by. Here, the car is not very easy to find. Because it is not close to the big city, the car brush is relatively fragmented. This was also a long time before I found it, and the place was also near the three-way exchange.

The sixth is the leftmost port of P. Everyone can look at the P word on the map. There is a gong on the road near the P word. The road is not long. To.

The seventh is the player’s most frequented P City, so I also found more places. The first is a plutonium at the intersection of the latitude and longitude lines in the suburbs near P. The next is the largest road on the left of P. It can be seen as soon as it exits the city; the other is in the middle of the main road in P. Above the city character, there is a car; the last one is the road from P City to school, which is about 100 meters away from the city.

The eighth is the hospital. The facilities here are relatively numerous and there are also many people near the G port, so You need to find a car to escape or run a poison. On the map, there is a skull near the doctor.

The ninth school was. I could not find the car near the school, but there was a jeep on the road farther from the school that was connected to the shelter. The location was in the middle of the two intersections on the map.

The last thing to say is the military base. There are many more cars here, but they are all concentrated on one side of the bridge. There is one on the road outside the C building. There will be a car every 100 meters on the road base near the bridges on both sides. There are fewer cars on the other side of the island. Players are not advised to go there. Of course, if you want to go, leave early.

If it is in the urban area, the car is generally at the exit from the city If it is on the side of the bridge, then the car is basically a 100-meter step on the road near the bridge; the largest number of wild vehicles is near the intersection of the road. If you can’t find a vehicle, then follow the road, as long as the luck can be found.

Skillfully remembering where to brush the vehicle, it can be difficult for you It will save you a life.

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