PUBG Mobile guide version 556 full firearms comprehensive performance analysis!

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, firearms using 5.56mm bullets are among the most popular rifles in the game. So what exactly do these firearms do in the game? Does it really deserve us to be used as a main weapon? The following analysis of the overall performance of the 556 firearms has been provided to all of you.

Let’s take a look at the members of the 556 family:

M416, M16A4, SCAR-L, M249, AUG

The following case is full match premise.

Common 556:

First, the combination of M416 and SCAR-L two firearms Attributes. In terms of the overall actual combat, it is not obvious whether the two firearms are in the back seat or the damage is different. However, the SCAR-L may be more repulsive than the M416 in the mid-range and above, after all, one butt stock is missing. The other is the rate of fire, the M416 will be slightly higher.

Say M16A4. Players who used this weapon will have very obvious feelings. Before that, it was said that the M416 was in the back seat. Small , but it is not true that the stability of M16A4 is actually the highest among the 556 family. But why most players do not feel its strong recoil because of its special shooting mode. The M16A4 has only one firing mode and three firing modes. It is generally used as a medium-range battle during shooting. When paired with a red point low magnification lens, the M16A4 can hardly feel its backlash. However, when paired with a quadruple lens and above, it can clearly feel its three consecutive firearm recoil. In the close combat, the M16A4 has a fast shot rate. As long as it can guarantee the bullet’s hit rate, its burst damage is not weaker than M416 and SACR-L, but we must know that during the operation of the mobile phone, the drawbacks of the firearm can not be avoided. Especially in the entanglement process with the enemy, the need for continuous high-frequency click firing has become the final difficulty for many players to grasp the firearm. Therefore, we need not say more than that, I believe that as long as you encounter M416 or SCAR-L will be replaced by M16A4.

Mini Needless to say, high speed, low back seat, and excellent stability. The medium-range distance has excellent combat effectiveness. However, it is not recommended for remote shooting, especially with the enemy just . After all, the single-shot damage is a mishap. If you play three shots, your opponent may not fall. However, the opponent’s one-shot 98K can make you kneel down.

Uncommon 556:

The rare 556 gun dropped two guns. I believe many players have a lot of questions about the AUG this gun, that their attributes can not match M416, but in fact, both can be used as an air-drop weapon without two brush rolling ordinary firearms really embarrassed.

AUG is first of all high in stability, even if there is no butt position, its fire recoil and muzzle back speed are M416 incomparable, and AUG in the assembly after the sight there is general The special property that the rifle does not have is that at the same time when shooting, it can be found that there will be a certain buffer effect when jumping on the muzzle, similar to the car’s shock absorbers. When you shoot, you will obviously feel the excellent feeling of this “123” “Surfing” effect, so players who are biased by AUG will not miss this artifact.

M249 players commonly known as “big pineapple”, high load, 100 rounds. Techniques In place Continuous fire sweeps You can dry up a full four-man team with more bullets. So the threat to the vehicle is more Needless to say, the team has a firearm like this, what drives you to deal with The enemy is basically killing. Needless to say, there is no accessory for assembly . Actual combat will directly reduce the firearm rear seat, with four times the mirror can easily suppress the enemy in the long distance, if the next encounter with this gun also quickly closed it, after all, is the need to get through the airdrop it!

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