PUBG Mobile guide Explore the secrets of the island’s air-raid shelters!

In the PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield, each area in the map has its own unique features. Understanding the topographical features and material distribution of each map in advance will allow players to have a good start experience. . Today we will explain to you the terrain features and strategic strategies of the air-raid shelter area.

[Topographic Analysis]

The terrain of the air-raid shelter is rather special. He needs the player to enter the cave to find supplies, and this is precisely for many new ones. The problem that the player is upset. There are four openings in the air-raid shelter, and the four holes have a small footprint and are difficult to find. Because of the aerial vision during the landing, it was easy to find the hole, but if you landed on the grass, it would be difficult to find the hole in the shelter.

The four openings of the air-raid shelter are very close to each other and are distributed on the upper left side of the map. The place where the small land bag is displayed on the map is the location of the entrance.

The terrain of the air-raid shelter is very simple. After entering from the entrance to the cave, one needs to walk down a ladder and dive into the cave. In the middle, the ladder is very narrow. It is about the width of a car. After entering, the material is displayed at a glance. The decoration inside the cave is very simple. The only cover is the box.

The material in the cave is not very rich, but the quality of the material is high. Supply the basic needs of three people, it is recommended that the double team mode landed.

The route inside the air-raid shelter is relatively complex, and it is difficult for players who do not often go to this place. The internal routes of the air-raid shelters are clearly understood, so if the two-person team model is searched as much as possible, it is very likely that the two people will be distracted.

[Strategic Deployment]

The unique geographical features of the bomb shelter Many players are willing to land here, so the danger factor for landing in a bomb shelter is large, and it requires a certain amount of just-gun technology and reaction consciousness.

First of all, recommend the player the most practical firearm in the air-raid shelter. There are only two positions in the air raid shelter that can be used for combat. One is the flat ground at which the materials are picked up. The flat area is very narrow. This overcomes the shortcomings of the range of submachine guns, and the speed of submachine guns is extremely fast. They are holding battles there. The initiative. The second is the narrow staircase, where the most important thing in the battle is the player’s reaction consciousness. Once head-on collided, whoever shoots the gun first will take advantage of it. So, the best advantage here is to use a shotgun. The shotgun is the strongest gun, and after all, it is very difficult to make a short-distance flight.

Every shelter near the entrance to the bomb shelter is loaded with vehicles. After the player has searched the shelter, he can directly drive the vehicle to the prison and search again. First of all, the prisons are closer to the air defense and the topography of the prison is the basin. Players can be very close to the prison.Clearly observe the movements inside the prison, players can first look outside the prison from the inside, and then decide whether to go to the prison search.


As soon as possible, select the first landing point for the bomb shelter Because the amount of material remaining in the second search can be said to be poor.


Map of the area of ​​the bomb shelter in Jedi Island The selectivity in China is very high. When landing here, we find that there are too many enemies. We can also use direct driving to choose to play the field. This is a more flexible landing place.

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