PUBG Mobile guide Breaking the routine, eating chicken is so casual

In the exciting battlefield, we are inadvertently escaping from the influence of thoughts. Let us make some or impulsive actions that lead us to pass by with chickens. Here we come to sum up what actions may be the product of escaping from the mind, in the future to overcome this psychological can easily eat chicken.

: When you hear footsteps, you choose to wait and see. I believe many players have this habit! Well, is this right? Isn’t it wrong to say so early? I think we must meet a condition that after you hear other people’s footsteps, you can make sure that people don’t know you Just around him, you can choose to wait until this time when the enemy passes you to catch him. If this is not the case, this approach is too naive. You can hear the footsteps of the enemy and the natural enemy will find you. It is necessary to know that many of the buildings in the game are in all directions, where you are guarding the original place. He may have gone behind you, waiting for you to discover that he may be a black screen. Then you may have to say if I’m not guarding in a dead-end alley, isn’t he afraid that he’s gotten around? Then I can only say You’re still too young, Don’t anyone know if you use a flask or a grenade? So it’s best not to do this stupid thing. If you really feel that you can’t win it, then run it.

Two : When confronted with the enemy, they always think that others will not be able to fight. This kind of thinking is very wrong. The game of stimulating the battlefield can be said to be a very flexible game. The bullet must hit a person to cause harm, and the bullet will not be traced. Under such conditions, you think about it. What kind of goal is not easily hit, of course, Snakeskin takes ! So when meeting with the enemy, you must learn to walk flexibly. , so as to avoid as many enemy fire as possible. Of course, many people would say that their own technology is not good, so export chaos not hit the enemy. If this is the case, if you first find ‘enemies, then you stand right in front of the enemy. If you are passive, you first run snakeskin Go behind the bunker, and then wait for an opportunity to give the enemy a fierce fight.

Three : Always face the air drop when you are afraid of the end. Many players’ attitudes toward airdrops are love and hate, love is the equipment inside, and hate is a bad one will become a box. So many players under the influence of conventional psychology will be confused here in the airdrops, thinking that as long as they wait for the airdrop here on the line, wait until after the surrounding security to go smashing, this approach is tantamount to death. The correct course of action should be to immediately rush to the airdrop when it is found that the airdrop has just fallen, and then leave immediately or find a safe place to ambush it and wait for the next person to take the airdrop. Since the smoke will be released after the airdrop falls, it will attract a large number of people. It must be understood that the calm on the surface is not really calm. If you do not have a strength to play , don’t think about the kind of airdrop that has been falling for a while.

All of the above has brought all the contents for everyone. Of course, there is no absolute necessity, and it is also necessary to use flexible tactics for chickens. !

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