PUBG Mobile guide You don’t know how strong they are! Outdated weapon

PUBG Mobile: The weaponry in the exciting battlefield is very rich, but there are several weapon types with very low weapon usage rate. The players mostly know little about them , and These unpopular weapons often have places that other firearms cannot match. This article will bring you some of the strengths of overt weapons.


The sniper rifle is a ten-minute love weapon for players. The range and power of the super range are unmatched by other firearms, but the VSS is not favored by most players. They think that this is a sniper. The damage of the gun is too low and it will not achieve the effect of a shot.

From the data panel given by the official, VSS’ damage is indeed low, it is not the lowest firearm in the sniper rifle, its power is even similar to the rifle, but the VSS sight is practical. Intimacy is inestimable. It comes with 4x scopes, which can provide players with a long-range vision. VSS’s ability to detect is extremely high without players having high-magnification scopes.

In addition, the voice of VSS sounds straightforward. It feels great to play.

< DP-28]

Machine guns are rare in games, there are only two, DP-28 can also be searched on the map, but M249 only appears in the airdrop. Because DP-28 is extremely unstable, it is very slow to change bullets, and it only has fully automatic firing mode, so it is not favored by some players.

Actually, DP-28 is a strategic type of firearm. It usually appears in the team mode. Although the stability of DP-28 is poor, the number and power of its bullets are still very strong. Yes, the use of DP-28 in the armpit position will greatly reduce the jitter of the firearm, so it is said that this firearm is the best choice for fire protection and strafing the vehicle.


Since Vector just picked up a small number of bullets, and the design speed Extremely fast, a clip-shot will soon finish. In the face of a situation where the enemy has just fired a gun, it is the most deadly operation. Therefore, many players prefer to pick UMP9 or UZI as excessive firearms. Vector collection full match.

Although the Vector’s early engagement ability is weak, the fully equipped Vector Gun is almost invincible, extremely fast and stable. Shooting time allows the enemy no response. But the most important thing is that the rapid expansion of cartridge clips (submachine guns) or expansion clips (submachine guns) is the soul of this gun. Having more bullets in one cartridge can greatly improve the fault tolerance of players.

[ S12K] <123

S12K is all shotguns <123 The highest degree of scattering of shotguns . It is almost impossible to kill the enemy if it is against the face, and the recoil of the gun is too large. The mouth lift is very serious and novice players can barely hold back.

Although S123 has a lower degree of accuracy , it has five rounds of bullet capacity. The most interesting is that this gun can be used with a sight and a muzzle. Clips, full The stability is very good, plus the post-imaging accuracy of the lens is greatly improved, and the two rounds of bullets can easily kill the enemy.


Each firearm has its own characteristics. We hope that players will experience it all while playing the game and find the right one. Your own firearms will greatly increase your own gun strength!

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